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The trip was awesome, truly a once in a lifetime thing.   :)


As for the peculiar behavior with the youtube video's, that's beyond me.  The last video I posted was an 'official video', maybe those have some restrictions.  Oh well, I guess I'll just let it open up a new browser page on the Youtube website when that happens.  


Glad to hear the trip was great -- perhaps we can see some pix?


Yep, I think the "official" vs. "unofficial" concept might have something to do with the playback issues.

DRM or some such?



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This will get you up and chair-dancing, if nothing else will - Mitch Woods and the Fats Domino Band playing "Crescent City Flyer".

Jump Blues at its best!




And this one is a TRUE Classic by one of the classiest ladies of a bygone era.

Warning: the lyrics are a prime example of the slightly naughty double entendre for which the Blues are famous ;):o


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Some local talent (Québec) I thought I'd share. These two were in the Québec version of "The Voice" last year. He (Jael) was a semi-finalist and she (Charlotte) was a finalist.

They decided to team up for a few YT clips. Charlotte, in my opinion, has was it takes to become a big star. Not a surprise to learn she is a model just by looking at her, she's 19 y/o now and just getting started with a probable singing career. She recently went to France and did a duet on a Jean-Jacques Goldman song, and it looks like she will stay there for a while. She has all the attributes to make it over there ; she doesn't have a power voice which they don't like anyway, her range, tone and pitch control are fabulous. Plus she has that look that is very French haute couture model.

For marketing purposes in France, they've simplified her name to "Cardin" only, instead of Cardin-Goyer. Another thing I like about her are her musical preferences and influences, which include folk and jazz. She's perfectly bilingual (French/English). And she plays the piano.


And this one she did just over a year ago ; a commercial for a line of clothing :


Hope you enjoy.

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Thanks ;)


Yeah, with proper management, she can go far. She is also a very smart girl with a strong family behind her. I felt like her The Voice coach let her down by not pushing her onto the scene more quickly when the season ended, but others in the industry had noticed and were just waiting for the right moment.

I kinda hope she makes it onto the US/UK music scenes some day, as well.


One last clip, from The Voice :


Over and out :)

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  • Root Admin

WOW!!  Really like the voice on that clothing line commercial.  We had a woman in church that used to sing with a voice like that.  Sadly she's left but was always a pleasure to hear her sing.


Thank you for sharing Mark and I hope she does well in the industry as she has an excellent talent to share.

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I'm not sure why it's there.

But I'm listening to it, wondering "what (TF) is this doing in my windows-folder?".

Anyhow, I like the beginning. :)

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