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UGH for some reason my Firefox no longer shows that when I right click...


It's a left-click on the shield icon next to the address bar, MT16. :)

That will bring up the dialog window with the drop-down menu.

Select "Disable Protection on this page".


If you're not seeing it, then there might be something in your profile (settings, an extension, corruption, etc) that is blocking it.

That will require some troubleshooting/diagnostics to sort out, starting here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Safe_mode and perhaps here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Standard_diagnostic_-_Firefox



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Oh was probably dull and boring to some but was okay for me.  Watched movies with the family.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that!


Also don't feel one needs to drink to have fun.

True, so true.

I was actually being tongue-in-cheek.

I'm not much of a drinker, either, truth be told.


Yes, I think I resembled that once or twice, MANY, MANY years ago.

Unpleasant memories.

Too old for that sort of thing now.

Too weary of dealing with the tragic consequences of others who do so.


Well, anyway, I like the Derek Trucks Band. :)


<crawls back under rock>


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Katy Perry -- By the Grace of God



This one is the one I wanted to post, but it won't embed right.

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Dang, I have been searching for YT videos of Patty Griffin's Album, Silver Bell, which was re-released a few months ago after original release in 2000.

There are only a few, and none of my favorite track.

(I don't do that much music downloading, preferring radioparadise.com and rdio, so perhaps someone can find the videos somewhere else?)


It is an AWESOME album and I've been playing many of the tracks over and over recently.

It's very different in tone from American Kid, also released last year.

But, when one realizes Silver Bell was originally produced in 2000, the contrast is understandable.


She is an amazing performer -- have never seen her live, but I'm told she gives a wonderful performance.


Track 3 (Boston) is AMAZING -- Patty REALLY rocks it, and the drummer is awesome.

I hope there will be some YT links soon for all the tracks.


Here's the Amazon link (don't want to frighten anyone with a tinyurl).



Anyway, buy the album. :)

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You do know that not every song that someone makes is made into a video?


Sadly, I guess that is true. :(

Album was first produced way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (2000).

With any luck, a PG fan will get some tracks up on YT soon.


Are you looking for a specific one or meant that you were hoping there is a video out there for all songs on the album?

Well, I had hoped to share the 3rd track (Boston).

But, heck, the whole darn album is pretty swell.


Good way to get an interesting taste of PG's singer/songwriter talent, for those unfamiliar with her work.

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