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What are you listening to?

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Scoop I have a confession to make...



I have been swiping your ani-GIFS Left and Right.  attachicon.gifbabys24.gif



David your not the only one.... post-14644-0-49786300-1372082374.gifeekout.gif


kcxlpk.jpg      Those are great emotes :lol:



2h7lzeq.jpg  :D  I'm a longtime member of E.A. ("Emoticons Anonymous").  My case is classified as "chronic" but trained counselors are standing by ready to offer professional assistance at the toll-free hotline :lol:  x0wi7c.jpg


More NYC jazz memories.... I first heard this tenor sax guy many years ago during my first business trip to NY.  It was a night I'll never forget as a jazz fanatic.  The place was called "Eddie Condon's" in midtown Manhattan.


It was a treat for me since they specialized in BBQ ribs and any native Texan loves that menu :).  I sat a few feet away as Scott's quintet played until 3am... all jazz standard charts... I was 2zh0i9y.jpg


Here's Scott playing another classic standard "Cherokee" .  He starts with the changes (chord) slowly but he's cooking at 1:40 .


He's one of the few newer-generation horn players that patterned their tonal approach in the tradition of the big-band and 1940's style jazz sounds.





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They make this look so easy, yet I'm sure they've spent hundreds of hours practicing over and over.   "Nothing Else Matters" - Oona BROWN & Gage BROWN skate to @Metallica & @Marlisa

I've seen the old spaghetti Westerns but never a Symphony playing these songs            

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^ Cool :)  I used to work with a big Whitesnake fan.


Here's another one I like for 2psq9ah.jpg  ....   Steve Oliver - "Wings of Spring"

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Steve Oliver : I knew I had heard this (or very similar) before. Googled him and it hit me : I saw him live at our local guitar festival last summer. Very good player, nice groove, and he also likes to experiement with different sounds. Just for fun, he played piano for us (on his guitar), which I had never heard before, at least not that realistic.






Best part of having a guitar festival in a small town is that you have a much better chance of sitting closer to the stage. Like 15 feet away from this guy a few years ago :

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If anyone listened to my last two Rick Braun postings, try imagine it gently raining outside, skies are gray and you're on the computer doing Malwarebytes' Forum postings.. Makes it worth living. *wry smile*


If you guys (and gals) don't like smooth Jazz instrumentals let me know and I won't clutter the forum here with said music.



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Smooth jazz perfectly OK. :)

Different moods, different music.


Thats DD; I just realized I said slow instead of smooth but you knew what I meant and answered with smooth jazz as I intended. I fixed my choice of words in the original post. If you hadn't answered like you did I would have never noticed my mistake (which you were kind enough to NOT to draw attention to.) What a team; what a team.. :)




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