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What are you listening to?

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I've seen the old spaghetti Westerns but never a Symphony playing these songs            

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I usually have a playlist with this sound when I'm on the PC.  I'm a jazz fan, mostly prefer older jazz sounds but I like this sound.  It's Paul Hardcastle, sometimes known by the name of the group, "Jazzmasters".


Driftin Away  (I don't know how to upload a YT in a post)

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Thanks for the help :)  I've seen it done at other forums but hadn't asked about it.


I heard this player perform in NYC during my past business travels there.  It's a more traditional jazz sound, the sound that I usually prefer to hear live.


I heard him play at one of NYC's well-known jazz clubs, the "Village Vanguard".  I closed the place that night :D




This one's at the end of my playlist.  I like to listen to it at the end of the day on the PC or early the next morning.


I was fortunate to hear the piano player live years ago in Dallas.  "Bill Evans", in jazz circles, one of the most well-known traditional piano artists.


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Nice jazz selections, Scoop.


Thanks for sharing them!




I like the more modern jazz sound too.  Here's one by "George Benson", who became a well-known name during the 70's.




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Ok... why can't I stop listening to Joss Stone right now ??


Jazz... Joss... things are swirling around in my head (no jokes please ;) )


Found something. Oh My..



Herbie :)   I have several CD's of his in the collection.


I haven't heard him in this setting before, with a "Motown" sound.  Cool :)


Here's one of Herbie's early tracks, among my favorites with "Bobby Hutcherson" on the Vibes.




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The Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul ('65)... :P



Wow, that brings back memories :D .  I remember my sister was crazy about that group.

I was a "Turtles" fan among other groups of similar sounds of that era.  I played this one so much I wore out the record :D




(I wasn't able to multi-quote posts with the YT media code.)

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I love that "old school" music?


Brothers Johnson, that's one I hadn't heard before now.  Thanks :)


Believe, I do believe you :)  I have a nephew that surprises me as well.  He actually likes some older tunes as well as older TV shows.


Here's another one that was a big hit back in the day.  It's in my top all-time pop tunes list.



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Your welcome :)  As soon as I started listening to "Windy" I was like, "Hmm, I recognize this tune from somewhere, I've heard it before but don't quite remember it". Now I remember it, thanks :) . There are some songs that I used to love, but I can't listen to anymore because they remind me of a certain girl, I'm sure some of the guys here can relate to that...

As for songs that I can still listen to :P here is one from '83


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^ "Yes" to Yes :).  That group was a huge favorite back long ago during my guitar-playing days.  I hadn't heard this one until today.  Nice :)  Parts of that video reminds me of the "Matrix" 1st movie.


Here's another "Yes" track, on of their early big hits.  I used to play this one on the front porch long ago.



Speaking of girl memories, I know what you mean there.  This memory's a good one :)  I used to play this "Yes" track with my classical guitar to impress a girl :D




Steve Howe ("Yes" guitarist back then) was an accomplished classical guitar player so that's probably one reason I bought their LP's back then.

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