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What are you listening to?

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They make this look so easy, yet I'm sure they've spent hundreds of hours practicing over and over.   "Nothing Else Matters" - Oona BROWN & Gage BROWN skate to @Metallica & @Marlisa

For ANY0NE in the USA that ever picked up a guitar to try and play on their own this was more than likely your first or one of your first songs to try and play.      

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Thank you, Bornslippy



Yes, thank you, BornSlippy.

Some of the images were quite painful to view, but the music -- and the voice of the soprano -- were so beautiful, I had to listen a second time.

Thank you for sharing this moving piece.

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OK, how do you post youtube videos here again?  I've forgotten.   :blink:


Hi, Amethyst:


Right click over the video & select "Copy video URL" (or something like that) from the context menu.

Then paste it in the reply box here.

(At least that's the basic procedure for Firefox -- YMMV if using a different browser, etc.)


Check to be sure it looks right by clicking the "Preview Post" button before posting....



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