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I always right-click on downloaded files and scan with MBAM before opening them. I don't need or want three windows opening that require user action to tell me the file is clean! One click should be all. Currently, after a scan the following occurs:

  • A popup opens and reports, "The scan completed successfully. No malicious items were detected, click 'Main Menu'."
  • Well, you can't click the 'Main Menu' button, because the above popup is still open. You must click 'OK' to continue.
  • Then the logfile opens in Notepad, so and I must close that by clicking the 'X'
  • Then, finally, I can click the 'Main Menu' or 'Exit'

The only option in Settings is, Automatically save and display logfile after removal. This is not convenient. I want a log saved after every scan, but I don't need it displayed in a new Notepad window after every scan, especially when scanning individual files. Also, the setting label is misleading. A logfile is saved and displayed after scanning - regardless if a "removal" occurred.

I recommend spitting the setting into two, user selectable, options as following.

Remove Setting: Automatically save and display logfile after removal
Add new Setting: Automatically save logfile after scan
Add new Setting: Automatically display logfile after scan
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Hmmm, must be getting old. I was going to suggest splitting the save and display log settings, but I see I already did! Well, I still would like to see it!

Thanks - BTW great product, you guys, and congrats on its and your success.

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I would love to see both of these requests fulfilled. I often scan individual files and my system with MBAM and do sometimes get annoying with the amount of clicks it takes to get out of MBAM. Also, no need in having a bunch of clean logs in your MBAM log directory, although you could use something like CCleaner to clean out the directory.


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