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malware would not install ! (vista)

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I too got a pop-up telling me I had a virus problem.

I tried every thing, I mean everything an average user could download and install.

I read about solutions in almost every Virus/spyware help forum out there.

Sadly nothing I tried worked...

I came here, made a complete Fool out of my self and was still without a cure...

I tried the disabling TDSSsrvc.sys then installing malware ectect

I even tried uninstalling TDSSsrvc.sys then installing one at a time (avirs, spybot, malware, ect, ect) from a CD burned on a known clean computer.

3 weeks of one attempt after another, install, remove and install the next, and each week there was a new update so again with the whole process and NOTHING.....

So I uninstalled everything, and in just 2 days of no protection. Redirects, trojans, password stealing, backdoor trojans, the whole gambit,

Suddenly the bugs blossomed, things slowed down and (c:) drives space began to vanish.

After a long and successful termination by the malware, I returned to my (windows live onecare subscription) and contacted Microsoft.


I discovered my (Vista Home Premium and driver arrangement) required professional help!

They connected with my desktop and manually stopped certain processes

Opened a special download page and accessed software that performed a blue screen virus check

The Tech cleaned 203, yes (two hundred and three) Trojans, Rouge Installers and dozens of malware from my system.


The Tech fixed registry issues and all kinds of things I had no clue of where or how to find, let alone know what they are.

More than 300 issues from the registry and assorted dll files and archives.

I am clean.......................

The TECH who helped me said;

With some combinations of drivers and vista systems, the average user would not be able to completely clean their systems

And that it has almost always required some one who is savvy enough with windows applications to manually remove them from the infected system.

He said; as a safety precaution, I should change my email and assorted account passwords, in case I had them stored or used them while infected,

Do not use your shortcuts or saved favorites, open the website using a search or the home address entered manually.

(Malware) will say post here and wait; I suggest you do exactly that, because you

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Hello again Tetigustas, welcome back. I'm glad it finally got sorted out. I knew your infection was severe and you had a long and difficult time with it. It's absolutely true that the infections these days keep getting more complex and much more difficult to remove. I can only speak for myself here, but when you ranted before about your issues, I understood your frustration and didn't hold it against you. I know how bad these problems can be and how bad it can try a person's patience. I hope you do realize that myself and the other users here were genuinely trying to help you with your problem. That's why we come here. I'm very glad you came back to update us with the good news and I hope that you never have to suffer through such an infection again. It definately says something about your character that you were willing to return here to update us on your status, and I for one do not believe you were an idiot, just a frustrated user, a victim in a long list of victims of the illegal industry that creates the kind of garbage that infected your PC. The same illegal industry that users like myself and companies like Malwarebytes' seek to destroy. Anyways, again, welcome back. Good luck and safe surfing. :angry:

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if you are suffering inexplicable and unexplainable issues with your programs and or computer in general,

then chances are you've got the same or similar problems.

let the pro's d their jobs and

sit back and relaxe,

these techs have been dealing with dozen upon dozens of user with similar problems

but wait there is more..

your system is an entity, one that is as unique as you are.

your uses and software choices make your system unique to you

like they try to tell us in thread after thread

post your thread with your problems, some one will help you.

you have to take turns, there is allot of peeps with unique computer problems

it takes time to sort them out :angry:

the same fixes may be or may not be useful in fixing your particular problem or problems.

thanx malwarebytes guys.......................

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