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Difference between quick and full scan

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I recall reading in one of the threads tonight, that a quick scan will catch everything that a full scan does.

Just for the information, is there any reason then why I might want to run a full scan? I have always done that just b/c I'd like to increase my chances of catching the gunk on my computer. But if it won't do any good, then I won't take the extra time, although that of course brings up the question as to why that option remains there....

At the risk of hijacking my own thread....does going into Safe Mode do anything for MWB? Or is that also unnecessary?

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With the way that Malwarebytes' works there generally is no need to do a full scan as it is designed to detect any active malware on a system using the quick scan option. The only reason I would ever use the full scan would be if I had an infected drive from another computer that wouldn't boot, I would slave that drive to the working PC and do a full scan with Malwarebytes' so it would catch malware installed on the drive that was slaved. As far as scanning in safe mode goes, it's actually less likely to catch the malware because one of the main ways that MBAM detects malware is by finding it in memory and a lot of infections don't load in safe mode so Malwarebytes' might miss them, and also I don't believe safe mode allows Malwarebytes' to load some of it drivers to detect and remove certain malware like rootkits and difficult to remove trojans. I hope I have answered your questions adequately, if you need anything else just let us know. Good luck and safe surfing.

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