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Malwarebytes and Windows BSOD

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Hello, I tried to run Malwarebytes a while back on my healthy XPproSP2 machine and always got the Windows notorious blue screen of death. I'm now trying to get over a "System Tool" infection on my main computer and the other stuff that I'd been paying for, doesn't seem to be working. My brother swears by you guys so my question... Does Malwarebytes have a downloadable package where I can download a file that includes the database where once installed, it doesn't require immediate access to the Internet? This is very important because for the moment, my network connections are gone in normal mode and safemode so I have no access to the net on that machine so again, am looking for a rescue type solution that I can download that comes with the latest signatures within the database. Also, given it did the BSOD on me in normal mode, I'm hopeful it might run in safemode and wanted to bounce that idea for your thoughts.

Here's where I'm currently at... through much reading on the net, I was able to locate the executable file and delete it for System Tool so now my desktop appears normal, machine seems to boot fine, etc. When I first booted the machine following this deletion, everything appeared normal but my network connections were 'gone' so I had no access to the net. When I rebooted the machine again, the machine booted fine but then the network connections returned and I had temporary access to the net. I did notice however on my bandwidth meter that there was an unusually high amount of data transfer going over my connection, given I wasn't doing anything. Then an error message popped up (see attachment), the machine locked up and I had to physically shut if off as, for all intents and purposes was locked up. When I rebooted it again, the network connections were gone and I continue to have no network connections (including safemode) but it does seem to be fine in safemode - just not in a normal boot. So... I'm inclined to think the majority of System Tool issue is gone but am pretty convinced that there is still some sort of bug present. That being the case, I'm inclined to think that I need a full version of something (Webroot, rescue spyware disk, etc) that I can run from safemode because if it's a program I should install that will require any type of internet connection for updating before it can scan, it won't work for me. Your help is MOST appreciated... :-) First two attached images show the error I get in normal mode.



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Hello and :welcome:

We do not have a tool like the one you mention. You can however download the setup file and then copy the rules file from a working computer and up to date database to a flash drive or burn it to a CD and then use that on the computer that does not have Internet access. I can give you the setups for that. See Issue #4 HERE!

Although your best course of action is to follow the instructions below:

If you think you are infected, here are the steps needed to get your computer cleaned....

Please read the following so that you can begin the cleaning process:

You have 3 Options that you can choose from as listed below:

[*]Option 1

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