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Did Malwarebytes become infected?

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I believe a rogue program targeted me because windows anti virus stuff started popping up while I was online. I accidentally clicked the first thing since it looked like legitimate windows. Then remembered about these programs and that I'm supposed to click nothing, I used Task Manager to exit my browser. It gave me additional requests to close it that I didn't think should happen so I refused to click anything else. I went straight to my Malwarebytes which I already use regularly. When I clicked on Update Database instead of just seeing the normal update it acted like the whole Malwarebytes program had to be updated to a newer version and then need to be restarted, so I did this. Once I reopened Malwarebytes using the same shortcut on my desktop I always did, I again click to update the database and this time it did a normal update. I then ran a quick scan and while it did find some minimal adware stuff it did not detect any trojans or anything else heavy like I expected. I'm now concerned that perhaps the rogue program infected the Malwarebytes so it would seem like I'm protecting myself when in fact it won't remove the problem. How do I know if my Malwarebytes is safe to use and working correctly? I thought about redownloading it to explorer.exe and run it in safe mode but when I click on the download button it takes me to a mirror site called MajorGeeks. I'm now so freaked out about being infected that I don't want to download from there because I don't know if that's a safe site or not. Help please! Thank you

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Hi Shauna, and welcome to Malwarebytes.

MajorGeeks is an official mirror and a safe site. If you think your computer is infected, please read this topic and then start a new topic here and wait until an expert arrives to help.



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