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atk0110 acpi utility

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so i asked this in pc help and iv yet to get a positive answer so here it is here i apologize if i get into trouble..

so after getting a false positive scare today i wiped my computer not thinking to dig further into if it was a false positive im kicking my self now but thats not the point the point is after wiping the computer i go to install the drivers after putting windows xp sp2 onto the machine i grab the disc with the drivers for the board and i open up the device manager to see whats there even though i know whats there well imagene my suprise to find there a new device labeled unknown

iv never seen this device there before in all my years of having this machine and iv formatted it many a time so right click on it and tell it to find drivers from the computer and it finds the drivers for the device on my driver disc for the board it was called

atk0110 acpi utility

does any one have any idea what this actually is iv never seen it on my computer before and i dont know why im seeing it now i will point out that i did remove the ram and the boards battery when i wiped the machine clean but iv done that before and iv never seen this device show up before so any information on this device would be greatly apreciated and i know its probably safe because its on the asus boards cd which reminds me the board is a asus p5ld2

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Everything I have found on this points to an ASUS motherboard driver.....

alright thank you

and i reformatted the machine again and this time when i opened the device manager and then put the driver disc in for the motherboard the unknown device vanished from the list which makes me think its been there the whole time and i just didnt know but for some reason last time it didnt install it as soon as the disc was put in

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