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Trial Pay -got my code...no what?

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I use Malware Bytes all the time, normally the free version. I saw a trialpay on Cnet to get it free, and saw a trialpay service my fiance had mentioned a few days ago so i said what the heck ill do it. I signed up and got the ID and downloaded Malwarebytes. Problem is, it wants 2 things, not one to register. It is asking me for the product ID and the product Key. I only got one key and i have no idea what the Product ID is supposed to be. I tried my name, my email address, it all says invalid. What the heck do i type there? The instructions from TrialPay don't say anything other than "fill in the correct fields". Real helpful >.< Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Hello and :welcome:

As far as I know Malwarebytes does not have any Trial products. Its either the free version or the Pro version. Can you supply the link where you donwload this Trial Pay one?

Here are the download links for you, when a new version comes out, sometimes it takes time for all the mirrors to catch up with the latest version....

Download FROM HERE: This link will direct you to any of the following download sites, all considered safe:





Bleeping Computer

Note: Ignore all 'Recommended' or 'Sponsored' software which is prominently displayed, they are ads and we do not have any association with them.

Save the file to your desktop then double-click it to begin installation.

Or you can use this official link HERE

Thanks and should you have any issues please let us know.... :)

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Thanks for the link, but i'm well aware of what "Trial Pay" is. I have to complete an offer, which i did. I signed up for Disney dvd movie club, which we had intended to anyhow so i wasn't worried about that. The Trial Pay was directly from CNET website. When i went to download it, it popped up a message on the Thank You screen and said "You could get this software for free - Click Here" which took me to another Cnet page. Here is the receipt with all the information on it (Key removed ...though it doesn't appear to even work)

Order summary #ZGXZ262

Thank you for your order

Your order details

TrialPay order number: #ZGXZ262

Date completed: Mar 30, 2011

Payment method: Offer completion - Disney Movie Club

Support information

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Consumer license

* Email: support@malwarebytes.org

* Support website: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/

Disney Movie Club

* Support website: http://disney.videos.go.com/General/Acquisition/SignUp/HelpFAQ

* Phone: 1-800-362-4587

This TrialPay order

* Contact: TrialPay customer support

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Consumer license

Download link

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Consumer license

Activation key

(Keep your Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Consumer license license key in a safe place)



1. Download and install Anti Malware on your computer.

Click here to download.

2. Open Anti-Malware

3. Select the Protection Tab at top

4. Click on the Register Button

5. Copy and paste xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx into correct fields.

6. Click on Register Button

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I feel like a total dofus now. The ID and the Key were on the same line and so close together i didn't realize there was 2 things listed! That's what happens when your busy at work (Purchased it for myself for my PC) just wanted to take advantage of the offer while i saw it on the screen. Here is a screenshot, Cnet still is showing it when you download Malwarebytes to everyone as an offer.


Its a great big ad right in the middle of the screen for your software through trialpay. It works, once i realized the ID and the Key were on the same line mashed together, it registered just fine.

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Kinda enstranged that i can't edit my own posts to add more information???

Here is a screenshot of the order completion screen. As you can see the ID and Key were right next to each other and all bolded. I didnt even realize it was two strings as it looked like one long string to me at first glance and i was trying to do it in a hurry. My job is very demanding so when it didnt work i threw up a post here and got back to work and just checked back a few minutes ago.


Trial Pay is legit, you just have to be careful because the things they offer are programs like BMG, movies clubs, etc which have stupid features like "if you dont respond to the letter we send you every month you WILL get the monthly movie shipped 'for your convenience'." type of things. I've dealt with them before. As long as you are mindful of terms and conditions and do what your supposed to, they are perfectly fine. Anyhow it works, problem solved. Thank you!

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OK thanks for that additional info, if its something strange or not legit, I am sure one of the Admins or Mods will chime in and let us know....

In the meantime, as far as editing your post, you are not allowed to do that until you reach a total of at least 50 posts....

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