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Log files not consistently produced scheduled scan

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I have the registered version of Malwarebytes ( running on Windows 7. I have two accounts configured, the Administrator account and a user account that is non privileged. I installed Malwarebytes from the Administrator account and configured it as follows:

Enable protection module (enabled)

Start protection module with Windows (enabled)

Start file execution blocking when protection module starts (enabled)

Start malicious website blocking when protection module starts (enabled)

Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked (enabled)

Scheduler Settings:

Frequency: Daily

Type: Fullscan

Wake computer from sleep to perform task (Enabled)

Perform scheduled scan silently from system account (enabled)

Terminate program when scan completes successfully (enabled)

Remove and quarantine all threats automatically (enabled)

Save log file regardless of user settings (enabled)

Restart the computer if required for threat removal (enabled)

Problem is that MB doesn't seem to produce any log file unless I run it manually. It produces a daily protection-log-yyyy-mm-dd.txt file, but not an mbam-log-yyyy-mm-dd.txt file.

How can I get it to produce the logfile so I can check to see if it found any issues,I end up running a manual scan to see if it finds issues since it will create a log if run manually.

I've tried reinstalling and configuring but I always have the same results. I normally log into my non-privileged user account so I'm relying on MB to run consistently from the administrator account and generate a daily log file.

Thanks, El-Vee

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