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Why women need ChicaPC-Shield for their computers?

Internet crime and security breaches are continually increasing. Anti-Virus programs and Firewalls are simply not enough to protect your computer from all possible threats. Malware, or malicious software, continues to infect even the most well-protected computers. ChicaPC-Shield developed with proven anti-malware technology powered by Malwarebytes and designed it completely accessible by employing simple language and a no-nonsense approach with a womens needs and work flow in mind.

Limitations: At this time if a user has pre-installed Malwarebytes full version and is actively running, they have to disable active protection on their Malwabytes in order to run ChicaPC-Shield


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Hello Porthos,

ChicaLogic is a partner with MBAM and an announcement is going to be made shortly in the coming day(s).

Thank you for your speedy effort, and bringing this matter to our attention, we really appreciate that.

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Please tell me the other program they offer is NOT something Malwarebytes developed? Chica pc-fix.

This is another registry scan... Wait Scam to tell you have 2000 plus REGISTRY errors and then have to pay to fix?


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Thanks for the link Marcin.

So is it almost Malwarebytes but a little different and aimed at women? And includes an AV or should an AV still be used? Just a little confused based on what the article says.

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Personally I think this is very bad news indeed, as in my opinion Chicalogic are a very untrustworthy company, and not one that Malwarebytes would want to be associated with an any way.

My reasons for stating the above are as follows:

Chicalogic sell a registry cleaner call Chica-PCfix, it is the same as SLOW-PCfighter which is published by SPAMfighter, but of course with a different name and different graphics. I believe that Chicalogic is actually part of SPAMfighter. The issue I have with Chica-PCfix is sadly, as is the case for many registry cleaners - highly misleading claims are used to sell it. For example "Clean out the clutter causing your PC to be slow. Get your PC running like new again within 1-click!" Which of course sounds good - but however the reality is very different. Many windows experts say that registry cleaners are useless and that cleaning the registry is a complete waste of time. Based on my own personal experience with registry cleaners, I can say that only in very rare cases cleaning the registry can lead to increased performance, or can fix errors. It's worth noting that you have to actually purchase Chica-PCfix before you can find any so called registry errors it finds, and even if many thousands of registry errors are found - cleaning them will often not lead to faster PC performance of fixing of problems or errors.

So, in other words the ckaim that their product will "get your PC running like new again within 1-click!" is highly dubious at best. They also make other equally dubious claims on their website.

If they were a trustworthy company, they shouldn't make there kinds of outrageous claims in the first place. When I questioned them about this over a year ago I got an unsatisfactory response back. However they did not respond to further emails I sent them. Also, when I started posting on their Facebook page, to draw attention to their questionable business practices they responded by removing the ability for users to post comments on their Facebook page.

The following post at Major Geeks may also provide useful reading:


It is a discussion about the program Registry Reviver which is another (there are many) renamed version of SLOW-PCfighter.

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm curious as to the equivalent version of MBAM with their offering of PCShield. (not going to touch the reg cleaner) I just went to their website to download the free one, it's only like 9 megs but we know the executable for the new MBAM 2.xx is closer to 21 megs, so I am wondering if they don't support the new version?

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