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License and extended download questions

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I've always loved malwarebytes free edition, using adaware for real-time protection, but their latest version has had some major bugs. Looking for an alternative, I was shocked to discover that ya'll offer a LIFETIME $25 product. But there are a few things I'm curious about, the extended download option and how to transfer the license to a new computer/fresh install/os upgrade. My forum search showed that you should be able to download the free edition and add the license to it, but the option seems to go against that. A google search said that when installing on a new computer, you had to uninstall with mbam-clean on the old one. That's perfectly fine, but what happens when the drive dies or the os gets corrupt? Is there some way I can remove the license from a dead computer online so I can activate it later?

After a major error in the middle of the windows 7 x64 sp1 update, I practically had to format and reinstall os. Sp1 went through fine this time, and computer is fresh and clean, but after that, I'm scared of the next iffy update and don't want to lose the license. Many thanks, from free scans in the past, answers now, and realtime protection in the future. Still sad to see lavasoft having so many problems, but happy to be trading up!

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Hello and :welcome:

All you have to is download the free copy and use your ID and Key to register the free one and it unlocks the PRO version. The extended download is really not necessary. Yes the LIFETIME license is a great deal for everyone.

Should you need to transfer the licence to another computer, you are correct all that is needed is to run the mbam-clean tool, then install and register it on the new computer.

We know that sometimes hard drives fail and you can not uninstall it from the old computer. As long as the license is only being used actively on one computer at a time you should be OK. If you run into issues you can always contact the person you bought Malwarebytes from or Cleverbridge and it will get sorted out.

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