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Summary of new Features in the next MBAM release

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Hi Team,

I bought Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.30 and I really appreciate this antimalware for it's effectiveness.

Now I see that there are loads of feature request raised on this forum, therefore is it possible to have a summary of the future features which will introduced on the next MBAM version ?

I have myself other feature proposal, but I don't want to address them until I get a feedback on this post.

Moreover, when should we expect the next MBAM version ?

Thank you for your help


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The next version will not have all of the new features. Each subsequent version from 1.30 will have certain fixes, and ne additions. There are no set plans as of now. The new release should be shortly.

Question, since I have the paid version, will any new future versions be downloaded with autoupdates or does the older version have to be removed first?


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Previously MBAM has updated automatically via checking for updates, but it is ALWAYS best practice to completely uninstall the program, reboot, run a reg cleaning utility like ccleaner and remove any entries related to MBAM, and then reboot if any were present/removed, and then install and update the latest version.

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Thanks for the Info. Actually I would rather uninstall an old version run CCleaner (which I have used for years) then reboot and do a clean install of the new version, less problems. As far as normal everyday updates, I just let them install on all programs. (Except Microsoft Updates)

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