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Malware Corporate Licensing

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I work for a company that has been using the free version of Malwarebytes for the last four years. This is a very large, national company using malwarebytes free version on thousands of computers. Is this legal and if not, who should I contact?

No; it is NOT legal.

There is only one edition of
which you can use to scan and remove security threats in your PC. However, the vendor of MBAM still needs to pay their bills (dedicated server, developer software, etc.) and staff which makes the software a great program and continues to provide free anti-malware to home users or for personal use. The free edition of MBAM receives free database updates to detect new types and variants of malware. Imagine how expensive it is to support the number of downloads per day for the installer and the detection signatures for MBAM. It surely costs a lot so the maker of
Malwarebytes decided to offer different license types:

MBAM is safe because it is not required to register for a license unless you are going to use MBAM in a business or corporate environment.
You can also register a license for MBAM even if you are a home user and by registering MBAM you'll enjoy the real-time protection, scheduled scanning, updating and fast support.

Free users of Malwarebytes enjoy the free license in using the program
to manually scan and remove malware
but for personal use only
Commercial license users of MBAM
or the registered edition of MBAM receive a lifetime license which means they won't be receiving additional charges in using the program. It's a one-time fee
Business or corporate users are the ones that need to pay an annual license fee.


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Hi rakenyon74, and welcome to Malwarebytes.org

To answer your question - No it is not legal to use the program in a commercial environment without proper licensing. This includes but is not limited to schools, government entities, non-profit organizations, tech repair shops, etc. The free version is intended for home consumer end users only.

From the EULA - I realize that many people don't read these any more. They can be quite lengthy and full of legalese that many don't want to wade through.

Copyrights and Permitted Use of the Software

5. You agree that the Software is the property of Malwarebytes and that all code within the Software is the valid copyright of Malwarebytes. You also agree that the Malwarebytes Malware Database (the

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"6. You may not use a single instance of the Software across a network; rather, you may install it on only one computer at a time per license and run it locally on that computer.

9. You may not use the Software as part of a service provider or service bureau.

10. You may not use the Software as part of any computer repair, help desk or troubleshooting service, unless you have each customer purchase an individual Full License for each of their respective computers which you repair or otherwise service."


I support the pcs we use in our corporate network. Many belong to us, some belong to other companies in our parent company's healthcare network.

If I suspect an infection, I'd like to run MalwareBytes on that machine to detect and clean. After that, I'd uninstall it (portable would be even better).

What is the least expensive licensing option for me?

Thank you!

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