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browser hijacked

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Please don't attach the scans / logs from these scans, use "copy/paste".

DO NOT use any TOOLS such as Combofix or HijackThis fixes without supervision.

Doing so could make your pc inoperatible and could require a full reinstall of your OS, losing all your programs and data.

Vista and Windows 7 users:

1. These tools MUST be run from the executable. (.exe) every time you run them

2. With Admin Rights (Right click, choose "Run as Administrator")

Stay with this topic until I give you the all clean post.

You might want to print these instructions out.

Note: Close all browsers before running ATF Cleaner: IE, FireFox, etc.

Please download ATF Cleaner by Atribune.

Download - ATF Cleaner

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2011/03/04 21:29:07.0343 0764 TDSS rootkit removing tool Mar 2 2011 10:44:30

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 ================================================================================

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 SystemInfo:

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 OS Version: 5.1.2600 ServicePack: 2.0

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 Product type: Workstation

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 ComputerName: HOME

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 UserName: user

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 Windows directory: C:\WINDOWS

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 System windows directory: C:\WINDOWS

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 Processor architecture: Intel x86

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 Number of processors: 2

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 Page size: 0x1000

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 Boot type: Normal boot

2011/03/04 21:29:07.0671 0764 ================================================================================

2011/03/04 21:29:08.0875 0764 Initialize success

Thanks for your help.

the browser is better but still have popups come up when i am surfing the web.

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Vista and Windows 7 users:

1. These tools MUST be run from the executable. (.exe) every time you run them

2. With Admin Rights (Right click, choose "Run as Administrator")

Download ComboFix from one of these locations:

Link 1

Link 2 If using this link, Right Click and select Save As.

* IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop

  • Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools. Note: If you are having difficulty properly disabling your protective programs, or are unsure as to what programs need to be disabled, please refer to the information available through this link : Protective Programs
  • Double click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.
    Notes: Combofix will run without the Recovery Console installed. Skip the Recovery Console part if you're running Vista or Windows 7.
    Note: If you have XP SP3, use the XP SP2 package.
    If Vista or Windows 7, skip the Recovery Console part
  • As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.
  • Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.

**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.


Once the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed using ComboFix, you should see the following message:


Click on Yes, to continue scanning for malware.

When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Please include the C:\ComboFix.txt using Copy / Paste in your next reply.


1.Do not mouse-click Combofix's window while it is running. That may cause it to stall.

2. ComboFix may reset a number of Internet Explorer's settings, including making I-E the default browser.

3. Combofix prevents autorun of ALL CD, floppy and USB devices to assist with malware removal & increase security. If this is an issue or makes it difficult for you -- please tell your helper.

4. CF disconnects your machine from the internet. The connection is automatically restored before CF completes its run. If CF runs into difficulty and terminates prematurely, the connection can be manually restored by restarting your machine.

Give it atleast 20-30 minutes to finish if needed.

Please do not attach the scan results from Combofx. Use copy/paste.

Also please describe how your computer behaves at the moment.

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ComboFix 11-03-05.02 - user 06/03/2011 11:21:59.1.2 - x86

Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.44.1033.18.503.97 [GMT -5:00]

Running from: c:\documents and settings\user\Desktop\ComboFix.exe

FW: Norton Internet Worm Protection *Disabled* {990F9400-4CEE-43EA-A83A-D013ADD8EA6E}

* Created a new restore point



((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



c:\documents and settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\OfferBox Browser.lnk

c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\Adobe\plugs

c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\CA73F029AD32CBBC32574DCB27B32546

c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\CA73F029AD32CBBC32574DCB27B32546\enemies-names.txt

c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\CA73F029AD32CBBC32574DCB27B32546\local.ini

c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\OfferBox

c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\OfferBox\config.dat

c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\OfferBox\config.xml

c:\documents and settings\user\g2mdlhlpx.exe

c:\program files\IEToolbar

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\arrow_refresh.png

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\basis.xml

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\cog.png

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\computer_delete.png

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\frame_search.crc

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\frame_search.dll

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\Google.bmp

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\icons.bmp

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\info.txt

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\options.html

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\TbCommonUtils.dll

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\tbhelper.dll

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\TbHelper2.exe

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\tbs_include_script_024945.js

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\tbs_include_script_029031.js

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\uninstall.exe

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\update.exe

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\version.txt

c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\your_logo.png

c:\program files\OfferBox

c:\program files\OfferBox\OfferBox.exe

c:\program files\OfferBox\OfferBoxBHO.dll

c:\program files\OfferBox\OfferBoxChromeExtension.crx

c:\program files\OfferBox\OfferBoxEngine.dll

c:\program files\OfferBox\offerboxffx@offerbox.com\chrome.manifest

c:\program files\OfferBox\offerboxffx@offerbox.com\chrome\content\events.js

c:\program files\OfferBox\offerboxffx@offerbox.com\chrome\content\overlay.xul

c:\program files\OfferBox\offerboxffx@offerbox.com\components\OfferBoxXpCom.dll

c:\program files\OfferBox\offerboxffx@offerbox.com\components\OfferBoxXpCom.xpt

c:\program files\OfferBox\offerboxffx@offerbox.com\install.rdf

c:\program files\OfferBox\OfferBoxLauncher.exe

c:\program files\OfferBox\res\language.xml

c:\program files\OfferBox\res\loader.gif

c:\program files\OfferBox\uninst.exe









((((((((((((((((((((((((( Files Created from 2011-02-06 to 2011-03-06 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



2011-03-06 01:56 . 2011-03-06 01:56 -------- d-----w- c:\program files\iPod

2011-03-06 01:50 . 2011-03-06 01:50 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\LocalService\Application Data\Apple Computer

2011-03-06 01:48 . 2011-03-06 01:48 -------- d-----w- c:\program files\Bonjour

2011-02-24 01:40 . 2011-02-24 01:40 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\Malwarebytes

2011-02-24 01:40 . 2010-12-20 23:09 38224 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\drivers\mbamswissarmy.sys

2011-02-24 01:40 . 2011-02-24 01:40 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes

2011-02-24 01:40 . 2011-02-24 01:40 -------- d-----w- c:\program files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

2011-02-24 01:40 . 2010-12-20 23:08 20952 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\drivers\mbam.sys

2011-02-11 02:46 . 2011-03-06 15:39 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\skypePM

2011-02-11 02:43 . 2011-02-11 02:43 -------- d-----w- c:\program files\Common Files\Skype

2011-02-11 02:43 . 2011-02-11 02:44 -------- d-----r- c:\program files\Skype

2011-02-11 02:43 . 2011-03-06 16:34 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\Skype

2011-02-11 02:43 . 2011-02-11 02:43 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Skype



(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Find3M Report ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


2011-03-05 02:17 . 2006-01-31 02:32 5888 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\drivers\dmload.sys

2011-02-18 21:36 . 2009-06-14 15:39 41984 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbaapl.sys

2011-02-18 21:36 . 2009-06-14 15:39 4184352 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\usbaaplrc.dll

2010-03-14 23:20 . 2010-03-14 23:20 38808920 ----a-w- c:\program files\FileFormatConverters.exe

2008-10-06 23:04 . 2008-10-06 23:05 1495112 ----a-w- c:\program files\install_flash_player.exe

2008-02-29 00:19 . 2008-02-29 00:09 5829600 ----a-w- c:\program files\Firefox Setup

2010-01-30 04:50 . 2010-01-30 04:50 28472 ----a-w- c:\program files\mozilla firefox\plugins\atgpcdec.dll

2010-01-30 04:50 . 2010-01-30 04:50 185216 ----a-w- c:\program files\mozilla firefox\plugins\atgpcext.dll

2010-01-30 04:52 . 2010-01-30 04:52 46392 ----a-w- c:\program files\mozilla firefox\plugins\atmccli.dll

2010-01-30 04:50 . 2010-01-30 04:50 99200 ----a-w- c:\program files\mozilla firefox\plugins\ieatgpc.dll



((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Reg Loading Points ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



*Note* empty entries & legit default entries are not shown




"GoToMeeting"="c:\program files\Citrix\GoToMeeting\457\g2mstart.exe" [2010-09-12 39816]

"Skype"="c:\program files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" [2011-01-26 15026056]



"ThpSrv"="c:\windows\system32\thpsrv" [X]

"CFSServ.exe"="CFSServ.exe -NoClient" [X]

"TabletWizard"="c:\windows\help\SplshWrp.exe" [2004-08-04 16384]

"TabletTip"="c:\program files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\tabtip.exe" [2005-04-25 271872]

"00THotkey"="c:\windows\system32\00THotkey.exe" [2006-01-18 253952]

"igfxtray"="c:\windows\system32\igfxtray.exe" [2005-11-28 98304]

"igfxhkcmd"="c:\windows\system32\hkcmd.exe" [2005-11-28 77824]

"igfxpers"="c:\windows\system32\igfxpers.exe" [2005-11-28 118784]

"Apoint"="c:\program files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe" [2004-03-23 196608]

"TouchED"="c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TouchED\TouchED.Exe" [2005-08-31 102400]

"AGRSMMSG"="AGRSMMSG.exe" [2005-10-15 88203]

"Kraidman"="c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TOSHIBA RAID\Console\Kraidman.exe" [2005-12-14 1138763]

"TFNF5"="TFNF5.exe" [2005-11-10 192512]

"TRot.exe"="c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TOSHIBA Rotation Utility\TRot.exe" [2006-01-11 266240]

"TMESRV.EXE"="c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TME3\TMESRV31.EXE" [2006-01-19 118784]

"TMERzCtl.EXE"="c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TME3\TMERzCtl.EXE" [2006-01-24 69632]

"TosHKCW.exe"="c:\program files\TOSHIBA\Wireless Hotkey\TosHKCW.exe" [2005-05-17 49152]

"NDSTray.exe"="NDSTray.exe" [bU]

"DLA"="c:\windows\System32\DLA\DLACTRLW.EXE" [2005-10-05 122940]

"IntelZeroConfig"="c:\program files\Intel\Wireless\bin\ZCfgSvc.exe" [2005-12-05 667718]

"IntelWireless"="c:\program files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ifrmewrk.exe" [2005-11-28 602182]

"Symantec PIF AlertEng"="c:\program files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\PIF\{B8E1DD85-8582-4c61-B58F-2F227FCA9A08}\PIFSvc.exe" [2007-03-12 517768]

"CanonSolutionMenu"="c:\program files\Canon\SolutionMenu\CNSLMAIN.exe" [2008-03-11 689488]

"CanonMyPrinter"="c:\program files\Canon\MyPrinter\BJMyPrt.exe" [2008-03-18 1848648]

"IJNetworkScanUtility"="c:\program files\Canon\Canon IJ Network Scan Utility\CNMNSUT.EXE" [2007-05-21 124512]

"SunJavaUpdateSched"="c:\program files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe" [2010-01-11 246504]

"QuickTime Task"="c:\program files\QuickTime\QTTask.exe" [2010-11-29 421888]

"iTunesHelper"="c:\program files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe" [2011-03-02 421160]


c:\documents and settings\user\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\

Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Quick Launch.lnk - c:\program files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\ONENOTEM.EXE [2004-6-11 59080]


c:\documents and settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\

Adobe Reader Speed Launch.lnk - c:\program files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\reader_sl.exe [2008-4-23 29696]

RAMASST.lnk - c:\windows\system32\RAMASST.exe [2007-7-17 155648]

VPN Client.lnk - c:\windows\Installer\{A7091E1D-36A4-47F1-A739-173CC341414F}\Icon3E5562ED7.ico [2009-4-30 6144]


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon\notify\loginkey]

2004-08-04 07:00 47104 ----a-w- c:\program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\LoginKey.dll


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon\notify\psfus]

2005-12-21 14:42 40448 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\psqlpwd.dll


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon\notify\TabBtnWL]

2002-08-28 21:41 11776 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\tabbtnwl.dll


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon\notify\TosBtNP]

2006-01-28 04:49 61440 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\TosBtNP.dll


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon\notify\tpgwlnotify]

2006-11-01 14:18 32256 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\tpgwlnot.dll


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon\notify\TSigNP]

2006-01-11 08:25 53248 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\TSigNP.dll


[HKLM\~\startupfolder\C:^Documents and Settings^All Users^Start Menu^Programs^Startup^Adobe Reader Speed Launch.lnk]

path=c:\documents and settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Adobe Reader Speed Launch.lnk

backup=c:\windows\pss\Adobe Reader Speed Launch.lnkCommon Startup


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\000StTHK]

2001-06-22 21:28 24576 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\000StTHK.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\CrossMenu]

2006-01-19 03:49 798720 ----a-w- c:\program files\Toshiba\CrossMenu\CrossMenu.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\ctfmon.exe]

2004-08-04 07:00 15360 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\ctfmon.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\MSMSGS]

2004-10-13 10:24 1694208 ------w- c:\program files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\PSQLLauncher]

2005-12-21 14:29 30208 ----a-w- c:\program files\Protector Suite QL\launcher.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\SmoothView]

2006-01-12 04:25 118784 ----a-w- c:\program files\Toshiba\TOSHIBA Zooming Utility\SmoothView.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\Snippet]

2005-02-25 06:20 68296 ----a-w- c:\program files\Microsoft Experience Pack\Snipping Tool\SnippingTool.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\TAcelMgr]

2005-04-04 10:18 86016 ----a-w- c:\program files\Toshiba\Acceleration Utilities\TAcelMgr\TAcelMgr.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\TAudEffect]

2005-10-05 06:33 344144 ----a-w- c:\program files\Toshiba\TAudEffect\TAudEff.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\TOSCDSPD]

2005-04-11 05:26 65536 ----a-w- c:\program files\Toshiba\TOSCDSPD\TOSCDSPD.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\TPSMain]

2006-01-18 04:46 299008 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\TPSMain.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\TPSODDCtl]

2006-01-18 04:46 102400 ----a-w- c:\windows\system32\TPSODDCtl.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\shared tools\msconfig\startupreg\TSkrMain]

2005-04-04 10:18 45056 ----a-w- c:\program files\Toshiba\Acceleration Utilities\Shaker\TSkrMain.exe


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\security center\Monitoring\SymantecFirewall]




"EnableFirewall"= 0 (0x0)




"%windir%\\Network Diagnostic\\xpnetdiag.exe"=

"c:\\Program Files\\Skype\\Phone\\Skype.exe"=

"c:\\Program Files\\Skype\\Plugin Manager\\skypePM.exe"=

"c:\\Program Files\\Bonjour\\mDNSResponder.exe"=

"c:\\Program Files\\iTunes\\iTunes.exe"=


R0 Thpdrv;TOSHIBA HDD Protection Driver;c:\windows\system32\drivers\thpdrv.sys [27/12/2004 11:31 16384]

R0 Thpevm;TOSHIBA HDD Protection - Shock Sensor Driver;c:\windows\system32\drivers\Thpevm.sys [31/01/2006 02:05 6144]

R1 TMEI3E;TMEI3E;c:\windows\system32\drivers\TMEI3E.SYS [31/01/2006 01:01 5888]

R2 FdRedir;FdRedir;c:\program files\Common Files\Protector Suite QL\Drivers\FdRedir.sys [21/12/2005 09:55 13568]

R2 FileDisk2;FileDisk Protector Kernel Driver;c:\program files\Common Files\Protector Suite QL\Drivers\filedisk.sys [21/12/2005 09:55 33024]

R2 smihlp;SMI helper driver;c:\program files\Protector Suite QL\smihlp.sys [21/12/2005 09:25 3456]

R2 Tmesrv;Tmesrv3;c:\program files\Toshiba\TME3\TMESRV31.EXE [31/01/2006 01:01 118784]

R3 IFXTPM;IFXTPM;c:\windows\system32\drivers\ifxtpm.sys [31/01/2006 01:19 35968]

R3 TBtnKey;TOSHIBA Tablet PC Buttons Type N HID Driver;c:\windows\system32\drivers\TBtnKey.sys [31/01/2006 00:53 8832]

R3 TEchoCan;Toshiba Audio Effect;c:\windows\system32\drivers\TEchoCan.sys [31/01/2006 01:06 595072]

R3 WacomPen;Wacom Serial Pen HID Driver;c:\windows\system32\drivers\wacompen.sys [30/01/2006 22:41 13568]

S2 portD;CMS PortIO Service;c:\windows\system32\DRIVERS\portd2k.sys --> c:\windows\system32\DRIVERS\portd2k.sys [?]



------- Supplementary Scan -------


uStart Page = hxxp://www.yahoo.com/

uInternet Settings,ProxyOverride = *.local

IE: E&xport to Microsoft Excel - c:\progra~1\MICROS~4\OFFICE11\EXCEL.EXE/3000

Trusted Zone: turbotax.com

TCP: {765D9552-BF60-4517-A5B4-2F393DE04063} =

TCP: {87743791-65EC-47A7-9D5C-1C7A6A3A9CF0} =

FF - ProfilePath - c:\documents and settings\user\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\owlqhmlr.default\

FF - prefs.js: browser.startup.homepage - hxxp://www.google.com

FF - Ext: Default: {972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd} - c:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}

FF - Ext: Java Console: {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0018-ABCDEFFEDCBA} - c:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0018-ABCDEFFEDCBA}

FF - Ext: Move Media Player: moveplayer@movenetworks.com - %profile%\extensions\moveplayer@movenetworks.com

FF - Ext: Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant: {20a82645-c095-46ed-80e3-08825760534b} - %profile%\extensions\{20a82645-c095-46ed-80e3-08825760534b}

FF - Ext: Toodledo: statusbar@toodledo.com - %profile%\extensions\statusbar@toodledo.com

FF - Ext: Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant: {20a82645-c095-46ed-80e3-08825760534b} - c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\Windows Presentation Foundation\DotNetAssistantExtension

FF - Ext: Java Quick Starter: jqs@sun.com - c:\program files\Java\jre6\lib\deploy\jqs\ff


- - - - ORPHANS REMOVED - - - -


BHO-{4F4693CD-2B4D-42BD-B512-D2AB0F74D30C} - c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\frame_search.dll

Toolbar-{5DE50A7B-9B62-DDBE-1BA3-C385294E418F} - c:\program files\IEToolbar\Google Toolbar\frame_search.dll

HKU-Default-Run-TabletWizard - c:\windows\help\wizard.hta


MSConfigStartUp-TFncKy - TFncKy.exe

AddRemove-OfferBox Browser - c:\program files\OfferBox\uninst.exe

AddRemove-ShockwaveFlash - c:\windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil9b.exe






catchme 0.3.1398 W2K/XP/Vista - rootkit/stealth malware detector by Gmer, http://www.gmer.net

Rootkit scan 2011-03-06 11:39

Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 NTFS


scanning hidden processes ...


scanning hidden autostart entries ...


scanning hidden files ...


scan completed successfully

hidden files: 0




--------------------- DLLs Loaded Under Running Processes ---------------------


- - - - - - - > 'winlogon.exe'(936)


c:\program files\Protector Suite QL\infra.dll

c:\program files\Protector Suite QL\homefus2.dll


c:\program files\Protector Suite QL\homepass.dll

c:\program files\Protector Suite QL\bio.dll

c:\program files\Protector Suite QL\remote.dll



- - - - - - - > 'explorer.exe'(4836)



c:\program files\windows journal\nbmaptip.dll



------------------------ Other Running Processes ------------------------


c:\program files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe

c:\program files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe

c:\program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\KeyboardSurrogate.exe

c:\program files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe

c:\program files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe

c:\program files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe

c:\program files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSvcs.exe

c:\program files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exe




c:\program files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe

c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TOSHIBA RAID\Service\kraidsvc.exe

c:\program files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\RegSrvc.exe

c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TOSHIBA RAID\Service\krdevctl.exe

c:\program files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe




c:\program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\TCServer.exe



c:\program files\TOSHIBA\TME3\TMETEMNU.EXE

c:\program files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\NDSTray.exe

c:\program files\Apoint2K\Apntex.exe


c:\program files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSServ.exe


c:\program files\Citrix\GoToMeeting\457\g2mcomm.exe

c:\program files\Citrix\GoToMeeting\457\g2mlauncher.exe

c:\program files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe

c:\program files\Skype\Plugin Manager\skypePM.exe




Completion time: 2011-03-06 11:49:54 - machine was rebooted

ComboFix-quarantined-files.txt 2011-03-06 16:49


Pre-Run: 50,084,982,784 bytes free

Post-Run: 50,790,612,992 bytes free



[boot loader]



[operating systems]

c:\cmdcons\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows Recovery Console" /cmdcons

UnsupportedDebug="do not select this" /debug

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /forceresetreg


- - End Of File - - CC5E1BC359604FA951537202CF66C9C7

less popups. i use firefox as default browser

computer is generally slow and slow on startup

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The following will implement some cleanup procedures as well as reset System Restore points:

For XP:

  • Click START run
  • Now type ComboFix /Uninstall in the runbox and click OK. Note the space between the X and the /, it needs to be there.

For Vista / Windows 7

  • Click START Search
  • Now type ComboFix /Uninstall in the runbox and click OK. Note the space between the X and the /, it needs to be there.

If you used DeFogger

To re-enable your Emulation drivers, double click DeFogger to run the tool.

  • The application window will appear
  • Click the Re-enable button to re-enable your CD Emulation drivers
  • Click Yes to continue
  • A 'Finished!' message will appear
  • Click OK
  • DeFogger will now ask to reboot the machine - click OK

IMPORTANT! If you receive an error message while running DeFogger, please post the log defogger_enable which will appear on your desktop.

Your Emulation drivers are now re-enabled.



Go here to run an online scannner from ESET.

Click the green ESET Online Scanner button.

Read the End User License Agreement and check the box: YES, I accept the Terms of Use.

Click on the Start button next to it.

You may receive an alert on the address bar that "This site might require the following ActiveX control...Click here to install...". Click on that alert and then click Insall ActiveX component.

A new window will appear asking "Do you want to install this software?"".

Answer Yes to download and install the ActiveX controls that allows the scan to run.

Click Start.

Check Remove found threats and Scan potentially unwanted applications.

Click Scan to begin.

If offered the option to get information or buy software. Just close the window.

Wait for the scan to finish

Use notepad to open the logfile located at C:\Program Files\EsetOnlineScanner\log.txt

Copy and paste that log as a reply to this topic.

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ESETSmartInstaller@High as downloader log:

all ok

# version=7

# OnlineScannerApp.exe=

# OnlineScanner.ocx=

# api_version=3.0.2

# EOSSerial=9970c7d8eb4258439b8388d0b0a048d5

# end=finished

# remove_checked=true

# archives_checked=false

# unwanted_checked=true

# unsafe_checked=false

# antistealth_checked=true

# utc_time=2011-03-08 12:54:32

# local_time=2011-03-07 07:54:32 (-0500, Eastern Standard Time)

# country="United Kingdom"

# lang=1033

# osver=5.1.2600 NT Service Pack 2

# compatibility_mode=8192 67108863 100 0 0 0 0 0

# scanned=68724

# found=0

# cleaned=0

# scan_time=2130

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Good job thumbup.gif

The following will implement some cleanup procedures as well as reset System Restore points:

For XP:

  • Click START run
  • Now type ComboFix /Uninstall in the runbox and click OK. Note the space between the X and the /, it needs to be there.

For Vista / Windows 7

  • Click START Search
  • Now type ComboFix /Uninstall in the runbox and click OK. Note the space between the X and the /, it needs to be there.

If you used DeFogger

To re-enable your Emulation drivers, double click DeFogger to run the tool.

  • The application window will appear
  • Click the Re-enable button to re-enable your CD Emulation drivers
  • Click Yes to continue
  • A 'Finished!' message will appear
  • Click OK
  • DeFogger will now ask to reboot the machine - click OK

IMPORTANT! If you receive an error message while running DeFogger, please post the log defogger_enable which will appear on your desktop.

Your Emulation drivers are now re-enabled.

Here's my usual all clean post

To be on the safe side, I would also change all my passwords.

This infection appears to have been cleaned, but as the malware could be configured to run any program a remote attacker requires, it's impossible to be 100% sure that any machine is clean.

Log looks good :blink:

  • Make your Internet Explorer more secure - This can be done by following these simple instructions:
    1. From within Internet Explorer click on the Tools menu and then click on Options.
    2. Click once on the Security tab
    3. Click once on the Internet icon so it becomes highlighted.
    4. Click once on the Custom Level button.
    5. Change the Download signed ActiveX controls to Prompt
    6. Change the Download unsigned ActiveX controls to Disable
    7. Change the Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe to Disable
    8. Change the Installation of desktop items to Prompt
    9. Change the Launching programs and files in an IFRAME to Prompt
    10. Change the Navigate sub-frames across different domains to Prompt
    11. When all these settings have been made, click on the OK button.
    12. If it prompts you as to whether or not you want to save the settings, press the Yes button.
    13. Next press the Apply button and then the OK to exit the Internet Properties page.

    [*]Update your AntiVirus Software - It is imperative that you update your Antivirus software at least once a week

    (Even more if you wish). If you do not update your antivirus software then it will not be able to catch any of the new variants that may come out.

    [*]Use a Firewall - I can not stress how important it is that you use a Firewall on your computer.

    Without a firewall your computer is succeptible to being hacked and taken over.

    I am very serious about this and see it happen almost every day with my clients.

    Simply using a Firewall in its default configuration can lower your risk greatly.

    [*] WOT , Web of Trust, As 'Googling' is such an integral part of internet life, this free browser add on warns you about risky websites that try to scam visitors, deliver malware or send spam. It is especially helpful when browsing or searching in unfamiliar territory. WOT's color-coded icons show you ratings for 21 million websites, helping you avoid the dangerous sites:

    Green to go

    Yellow for caution

    Red to stop

    WOT has an addon available for both Firefox and IE.

    [*] JAVA Click this link and click on the Free JAVA Download

    [*]Visit Microsoft's Windows Update Site Frequently - It is important that you visit http://www.windowsupdate.com regularly.

    This will ensure your computer has always the latest security updates available installed on your computer.

    If there are new updates to install, install them immediately, reboot your computer, and revisit the site

    until there are no more critical updates.

Only run one Anti-Virus and Firewall program.

I would suggest you read:

PC Safety and Security--What Do I Need?.

How to Prevent Malware:

The full version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware could have helped protect your computer against this threat.

We use different ways of protecting your computer(s):

  • Dynamically Blocks Malware Sites & Servers
  • Malware Execution Prevention

Save yourself the hassle and get protected.

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Only run one Anti-Virus at a time.

Use an AntiVirus Software - Choose only one - More than one will conflict. It is very important that your computer has anti-virus software running to protect against viruses. Update Antivirus prior to manual scans as necessary or as used. Please only choose one, having more than one can cause problems, such as crashes and your computer to slow down.

I don't use FF so I have no suggestions for that.

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