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Is it possible to silence real time alerts

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I recently upgraded to the full version of your anti malware software. So far I'm pretty pleased, particularly as the product appears to be blocking numerous unsafe websites, several times an hour. In fact, it's getting pretty irritating. Every time I log into google calendar, every time I follow a shortcut from my desktop, every time I open an animated gif on my harddrive malware starts telling me how it's successfully blocked something. Well jolly good. Can you keep it to yourself?

Is there anyway to silence my albeit very diligent security guard?

I'm using google chrome as my browser on an XP platform.

Many thanks

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Hello and welcome, soundhaven:

Yes, you may configure MBAM PRO not to display a balloon when malicious websites are blocked.

A screen shot is attached -- just UNCHECK the box to which the arrow is pointing.

That said those blocks (especially frequent outgoing ones that occur when you are not browsing) could be signs of infection.

So, you may wish to have one of the malware experts take a look at your system for free.

If so, please read this: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=69723

And then please post with a new thread here: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showforum=7




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Wow. Ok, well, that's quite a lot more complicated than I expected! Probably half a days work.

Before I embark on this epic quest to find whatever it is on my machine that's hell bent on contacting the outside world, what's the worst that could happen if I didn't bother?

I know, I know - that probably seems foolish, and I realise that's probably a difficult question to answer but any thoughts you may have would be useful.

I recently spent 3 hours on the phone to McAfee's helpdesk trying to work out why McAfee and iTunes didn't like each other. The only reason the call didn't last longer was because I eventually put an end to it! Sometimes things just ain't worth the effort. And as it turned out the solution was simple - ditch McAfee and their bloated, ineffectual software and find something superior (and here I am...)

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Hi, soundhaven:

Couple of things --

FIRST, and MOST CRITICAL: MBAM is NOT an ANTI-VIRUS. It is a specialized tool designed to complement & provide layered protection with standard AVs in detecting/removing rogues and other types of malware frequently missed by the big AVs. So, if. as you imply, you ditched McAfee and replaced it with MBAM, then your system is not fully protected. I highly, highly recommend that you install a standard, robust AV ASAP. There are many excellent free choices, and if you search the forums here, you will find recs from several expert folks. There are also excellent paid AVs, too. But you need SOMETHING -- MBAM alone is not enough.

SECOND: The HJT-malware removal instructions are a bit detailed, but, if you print out, read and take your time to follow them, they are not that difficult. It starts with just running & posting logs from an MBAM scan and a DDS scan, in order to generate some basic system info. The malware helpers will then assist you, one-on-one, for free, with checking and cleaning your system. They can also assist you with selecting a good AV, after your system is cleaned. (You could instead select the support ticket option if you use the MBAM PRO version, or the fee-based support option, if you prefer.)

The longer you run without regular AV (or FW?) protection, the more likely your system will remain and/or become infected.

So, that's what I would respectfully recommend.

We can await further advice from one of the mods/admins/more experienced members, but I expect they will point in the same general direction,


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