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Computer "eaten" and totally malfunctioning


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Sorry this problem kind of fits in both hardware and malware categories combined so I hope I posted in the right place. Got a rather strange problem and now its getting plain scary.

My co-workers told me over the weekend one of the "pop-up" fake security programs was appearing - not sure if anyone actually clicked it I hope/assume not. (>_<)

This morning I tried to run MBAM, and got through the install and update, to the scan screen. I started a scan, and about 8 seconds of enumerating registry objects, and then the program closed completely, just zap gone. Internet Explorer does not load at all.

I have tried several things since that period, and getting worse each time. Tried several times again with MBAM in both normal and safe modes. My McAfee a/v is disabled, if I try and turn "on" realtime scanning, it reverts back to "off" after 5 seconds. I tried installing/running Spybot, AdAware, and Microsoft Security Essentials, and could not get any of them to run. I've cleaned everything out with CCleaner also. I cannot even get Hijack to run.

At one point I thought it was the fake "Internet Security 2010" bug, and have tried to use RKill to at least get to be able to install/run MBAM, and still no luck. I also tried TDSSKiller program, which finds 2 pieces of malware, I choose cure, but they come back after every reboot. Then started receiving all sorts of errors about file access and privileges.

******* NOW MY NETWORK CONNECTION AND HARDWARE ARE JUST GONE!!! ******* As in, network hardware shows up with the little yellow warning arrow, I cannot get it to enable, nothing is detected for new hardware changes, no internet connections whatsoever, it's just not working even in safe mode.

I've tried everything. and even tried a Windows System Restore (fail) followed by trying to run a Windows Repair Installation, which loaded files until it hit a BSOD with a stop error.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi, and Welcome to Malwarebytes!

Sorry to hear your infected, the infection more than likely is what is causing everything else not to work.....

Please read the following so that you can begin the cleaning process:

You have 3 Options that you can choose from as listed below:

[*]Option 1

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