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MBAM will not run

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Well, I'm a computer tech myself, it just was the first time that I've seen this specific nasty virus on customer's PC. I usually install Comodo Firewall, Spybot, and AntiVir antivirus for them and configure it. I also install Mozilla Firefox with the following plugins: Ad-Block Plus, Ad-block Plus Element Hiding Helper, Adblock G.Filter Updater, FlashBlock, and NoScript. Plus I always tell them not to click on some rogue software links and that they don't need to install any other antiviruses etc., no matter how good the advertisement might look.

Sadly, your going to find that the old methods of dealing with malware aren't very effective against alot of the newer stuff. That TDSS variant was friendly by comparison. :D

It's just interesting that this particular customer had all the above mentioned software installed and yet he somehow got infected with this virus. I also found that his firewall was uninstalled when I first looked at his PC. I wonder if he uninstalled the firewall himself or if it's the work of this virus.

Technically it isn't a virus. And a popup likely invited him to download it.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure this PC is clean now. I've looked through logs - all is good.

Okay then, good luck with your efforts.

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interesting coincedence or the rouge program blocking me

If you would like assistance, please create your own thread.

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