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Videocard or LCD monitor? Please help!


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I create a new thread because i think my old thread title is not related to this but its a continuation of my problem.

This is a continue on my old thread


I think its getting closer finding what cause my 2 computer restarting.

Now it Froze on game on my 2 computer with different monitor used.

The shop owner replace new Intel MOBO but the problem still not yet fixed on system froze and finally i caught up monitor goes black.

Videocard is not yet been replaced.

The symptom is appearing now.

I try warcraft game and sometime PC froze with only 1/4 is white and 3/4 is black screen.

I uploaded a video used on my Phone camera.

Its a mp4 file.

The game is called Special Force.

Here is the link. Please ignore people voices.


On the last part it froze and suddenly 3/4 of screen goes black.


Mobo = Intel Dh55pj

Processor = Intel i3 3.07 Ghz.

Videocard = Gforce 9500 GT

Ram = 2gig ddr3

Monitor = Samsung

Btw 2 different game tested with same problem.

I think its impossible that my 2 new LCD monitor is the issue.

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I had been following your other thread and my first impression is that it's your video card.

73c seems way to hot and according to guru3d (who has been a video expert for many years) who reviewed and tested

the card it's peak temp was 48c.


"Idle temps are really okay at 37 Degrees C, when the GPU was fully utilized & stressed it reached roughly 50 Degrees C quite quickly. I'll have to be honest here, the thermals for this product are just extremely good."

Notice the statement about thermals, people tend to downplay the importance of thermal grease but if it's not done right it can lead to untold problems.

I'd follow that path and toss in a different GPU.......

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i agree ... the signs point toward the video card as the culprit .

adequate cooling and airflow are needed ... if the case temps are high the gpu cooler cannot do it's job .

it is like trying to cool down something inside of a convection oven .

and as bob mentioned ... make sure that the heat sink assembly (grease and fan) are in good working order .

i have run many 9500 cards in many systems ... some of these required resetting the active fan/temp levels for correct cooling . much depends on who manufactured the card .

i had to work very hard to get the cards to overheat .

i tend to stick with PNY , MSI and ASUS (i avoid stuff like sparkle , zotac , etc) .

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Tnx for the reply.

My friend told me that my 2 videocard is already damage because of the 3/4 black screen appearance.

My 2 computer is at their shop for deeply observation. Their shop location is full of air-conditioned.

I dont think it will get hotter?.

My question is?...

If videocard is already giving a symptoms of black display will it still be usable?

Btw my PC crash with air condition turn off.

I hope you got my point.

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You said that the shop you got the pc from replaced the MB. Why?

Did they do any diagnostic testing on it?

Air conditioning or not, they (the shop) should be able to run tests that stress the system so the crashes can be replicated.

Quite honestly, it sounds like the shop you're referring to builds and sells computers but is seriously lacking in the technical side of diagnostics.

Building computers is a relatively easy thing to do.

Fixing them, be it hardware or software related can be complicated.

The question you're asking about the GPU is impossible to answer, it needs to be tested.

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They replaced the mobo on my 1 computer because at first the symptoms is randomly restart.

And i have seen it restarting randomly.

Its About this week the problem of 3/4 blackscreen appearance.

I think the tech is guessing that the mobo is the cause?.

I was their on their shop and we tested using the Furmark with air conditioned on. About only a minute the temp reached to 62C.

I also let them see the link you've given to me that the max temp fully running is about 48C.

Im very tired already complaining. :)

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I agree, I do think the "tech" is guessing.

I'm not familiar with that particular GPU but if they (the shop) had to assemble it I suspect that the thermal grease wasn't applied properly.

If they didn't assemble it then I'd say you just happened to get a bad card.

Why haven't they tried a different card?

It doesn't have to be the same card, if they can't replicate the crashes with another GPU then common sense would dictate it's the GPU.

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They assembled it.

All Hardware parts bought to them.

The 2 computer are brand new with same crashing problem on screen.

I got your point but i think they want to test it for getting same scenario on game crashing before try different videocard.

The PSU is 500W.

I hope they will find the problem very fast because its affecting my business.

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can you post the manufacturer/specifications of allthe parts used in each computer ?

this will help determine if there is a "factory" problem with the parts .

a couple of good clear pictures of them would help (the inside too) .

i do not wish to say anything bad about anyone ... however ...

i am thinking bob is correct ... they sound like they do not know how to troubleshoot problems , and do not understand/appreciate basic physics .

i wouldn't let 'em near my flashlight .

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I troubleshoot my other pc with same specs also.

This PC is running fine with no problems.

Last night i change the monitor and used the monitor that cause my 2 computer crash.

A very confusing is that my stable computer cause a BSOD and restart TODAY!!!.

I read some forum that a monitor can cause BSOD and restart.

Could be this causing my 2 computer crashing and rebooting?

The Monitor model is Samsung B1930.

I will upload the dump file created.


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so ... you swapped monitors and the problem "followed" the monitor ?

run both computers/systems as you have them now (with the monitors swapped) ... see if the "bad" computer runs ok .

are both monitors the same model ?

the high temperatures are not normal ...

i did a search for "Samsung B1930 bsod" ... not much information found .

as a point of interest : "user-guides.co.uk" is red-flagged (not trustworthy) ... i did not check any information there .

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Actually i bought 3 same specs computer. Same monitor Samsung B1930.

The 2 bad computer is in their repair shop so i cant troubleshoot it now.

Only 1 is running fine until today that i swap the Samsung B1930 monitor on my stable same specs pc.

And it cause a BSOD while im not here


it restart just an hour ago and i was here restarted.

This is my final test. What i did now?

I put back the stable monitor to the stable PC and i'll observe for about 2-3 days.

Could be monitor and videocard drivers causing problem?

I read from microsoft site the a person need help has same videocard mine and same problem we experience but different monitor.

Please check this link.


Btw. I use the videocard driver from its cd.

I think i should try the latest driver from the nvidia site?


Please God Im very tired already and help me find the problems :)

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trying the new drivers may help ... the ones that come with the video card may be old .

be careful ... i get them right from nvidia or the board manufacturer .

do not let the windows update/install any drivers ... they have been known to be wrong .

who actually made the video card (and model number) ?

as i mentioned before , i do not use "off-brand/cheapo" cards as i have seen too many problems with them .

a link to the video card would help .

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One of my computer that was on their shop for observation crash!

The tech says that the display of the game was bad.

And they said that the videocard was the problem.

My problem now is that one of the 3 computer i bought that were stable and i just swap the monitor

got a BSOD and restarted last night.

I think their is a flaw on the hardware?.

My PSU is 500W.

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