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If I am downloading a rar or zip file that has malware in it, would MBAM Pro catch it in the download process, pause the download, and alert me before continuing with the download. If it did alert me, would I get choice of ignoring the alert and continuing, or stopping the download. Which component of MBAM Pro would do this?

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MBAM Pro would not catch a download of zipped malware. The Protection Module would only catch the malicious file after it has been unzipped, and when your computer attempts to execute it. Also, if you were to run a single file scan on the zipped file, it would not pick it up as malware. Once you unzip the file, Malwarebytes can recognize the file for malware and detect/block the execution of the file.

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Thanks for the explanation.

More clarification: If I unzip the files, would MBAM Pro automatically catch and alert me of the malware during the unzipping process, or after the unziping process, or would I have to open the malware for it to automatically alert me.

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