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Please check minidump file


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The most likely culprit, given your description of the issue, would be a heat issue, either your CPU or GPU would be the most likely component, though memory or even a component on your motherboard could also be the part that's overheating.

To test your CPU you can use a utility such as Prime95

To test your GPU you can use a utility such as FurMark

edit: I also looked at your dump and it appears to have been caused by the driver dump_wmimmc.sys. After a bit of research, it appears to be a driver used by copy protection for some games. It may be possible that this driver is conflicting with some component of your hardware for some reason, though I don't know why it would pop up after playing the game for 5 hours. Either way, if you determine that the issue is not related to heat as I speculated above, then you should contact the game manufacturer to see if they have an update for the DRM used with the game or if this is a known issue that others have had and if there's a patch/workaround for it.

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The 2 computer is brand new.

Same hardware specs, mouse, keyboard, etc and Fresh OS install.

Same problem it reboot without warning on playing games.

I did update the direct x with this link


But im thinking it is related to a USB mouse because sometimes mouse is not moving .... and i have this issues last year USB mouse cause of system reboot on my other computer.

What is did today it didn't reboot when i inserted a new USB mouse.

Btw. Tnx for the reply.

I will try that utility.

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I test CPU and GPU.....

Using Furmark for GPU and the result 73C max temp.

Using Realtemp for CPU which the temperature result is 54-57C.

Is it possible that the motherboard DH55pj is conflicting both my CPU and GPU temperature while using Online games?

My other computer which has same specs crash tonight and it create a dump.

The game display showing only half size.

here is the dump file please check again.


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