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Daughterinlaws college puter


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General suggestions not specific to your post :

You may remove application you do not need any more , you can defragment this computer's hard disk , you can run Windows' checkdisk utility to check for errors ,

# Download , install and run CCleaner


It will help you remove unnecessary temporary files from your computers.

When you start it , place a check on all these:


Then Analyze the computer and Clean the temporary files till it tells you no further temp files left to be removed

If you suspect virus/malware infection , post here only after you have read these instructions.

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From AdvancedSetup - For CCleaner set up -

Download and install CCleaner slim

  • CCleaner'>http://www.piriform....ccleaner/builds"]CCleaner slim
  • Scroll down to the Slim version,
  • Click on the downloaded file "ccsetup_slim.exe" and choose "Run as administrator" if required and install the application.
  • Keep the default installation folder "C:\Program Files\CCleaner"
  • Click finish when done and close ALL PROGRAMS including your Web Browser
  • Start the CCleaner program.
  • Click on Registry and Uncheck Registry Integrity so that it does not run (basically the very top, uncheck it)
  • Click back to Cleaner and under SYSTEM uncheck the Memory Dumps and Windows Log Files
  • Click on Run Cleaner button on the bottom right side of the program.
  • Click OK to any prompts
    Note, this will remove cookies as well so if you do want to keep them then uncheck them before running it.

You should NEVER use/run ComboFix without the advice of a fully trained Expert

You should not run ComboFix unless you are specifically asked to by a helper. Also, due to the power of this tool it is strongly advised that you do not attempt to act upon any of the information displayed by ComboFix without supervision from someone who has been properly trained. If you do so, it may lead to problems with the normal functionality of your computer.

It should also be noted that when you run ComboFix it will automatically delete files from the following locations:

Windows Recycle Bin

Temporary Internet Files

Temp Folder

If you store files that you wish to keep in one of these location, it is suggested that you move them to a safer location rather than relying on the above temporary storage locations.

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Wanted to thank you all have been running CCleaner for 10 Years now. I found out it was both a software conflict Norton AVG someone else loaded Norton. But also has hardware problems battery not charging which I believe is a cold solder point. also could be ground side because skype audio was humming told daughter to start looking for replacement or take to a tech to be repaired. I could do it but if something wouldn't work after repairs don't want the family hassles but thank you for your assistance.


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