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MB just informed me of the presence of "Trojan.Packer.Gen" on my system. I responded my putting it in Quarantine

The warning came as I was running the Microsoft utility to determine whether my machine was compatible to upgrade to Windows 7.

It said the malware infection was located in

C:\Program Files\Western Digital\WD SmartWare\Front Parlor\WDDriveInfo.exe.

I believe that the above file is related to my portable hard drive, which is installed in this machine but which is not normally attached to the machine (it attaches via USB). (The portable hard drive was acquired a few years ago solely to make it easier to transfer files from an old machine about to be retired to a newer machine.)

My question:

Was the MB warning possibly a false positive, and if I delete the supposed malware would I be unwittingly disabling my ability to use the portable hard drive?

If NOT, I'm puzzled about how the malware would have chosen that particular file to infect, since the Portable Hard Drive is rarely used and there's no association between using it and my being online.

This isn't an urgent question at this point but I'd really be curious for insight. I am a constant user of my machine, but my technical understanding of some of this stuff is admittedly limited.

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Will do.

Please understand I'm not asserting this IS a false pos. just wondering if that's possible.

Also: Do I need to unquarantine the file for it to be detected in the new scan?

Also: Understand, also, that it was NOT found during a regular scan, but MB detected it while simply running in the background.

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