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I am new to Malwarebytes & I have a couple of questions.

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I have just installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It is the freeware version. I have been told it is probably the best in the world. I have a couple of questions. I did a quick scan followed by a full scan. The full scan took 1 hour 55 minutes & 53 seconds. That is a thorough scan. What I want to know is:

A] Can I still use the computer while it is scanning or should I just leave it for a couple of hours to do its job?

B] Can the File ASSASSIN be used if you only have the freeware version?

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Welcome to Malwarebytes! I'm going to answer your questions to the best of my abilities, but please note I am not a developer just another user of the software like yourself, but I do have quite a bit of experience with it and I spend a lot of time on the forum learning about it. First off, you can certainly continue to use your computer while a scan is running, but the scan will obviously slow down whatever you may be doing depending on your hardware. However, that being said you generally only need to use the quick scan function with malwarebytes as it is specifically designed to look in all the key locations where the malware that it detects will hide. It doesn't hurt to do full scans, but as I said, it's usually unnecessary. To answer your second question, FileASSASSIN is freeware and you can absolutely use it without having to buy a license for Malwarebytes antimalware, however if you do purchase Malwarebytes Andtimalware you get the benefit of realtime protection which will prevent threats from installing on your system. The license is lifetime which means you won't have to pay a yearly subscribtion fee and you get full access to not only definitions updates but also software updates. In addition, you also get the benefit of scheduled scanning and autoupdating instead of having to do it manually. Again, welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay and safe surfing.

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Thanks for the welcome. I have just removed the Trojan Dropper/Gen from my system with SUPERAntiSpyware. I was concerned about how efficient SAS really was as most people say that Malwarebytes is a much better scanner. So I downloaded it to run a scan. I will almost certainly buy the vendor version of Malwarebytes eventually. Anyway I did the full scan just to be on the safe side with Malwarebytes as I have been told that MAM can really remove troublesome trojans & the like. It gave me a clean bill of health now anyway (all of my anti-spyware does now). I have Spybot S&D & SpywareBlaster as well & that missed Dropper/Gen. I keep all of my anti-spyware updated. It amazes me how something can sneak through your defenses. I hope Malwarebytes lives up to its reputation.

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Yeah, those trojans get updated and modified daily to attempt to bypass detection, in fact Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware have developed such a reputation in the community that there are many threats now targeting them specifically preventing either from being installed on an already infected system. A tricky business to be sure, but you can bet the developers of MBAM are all over it, they are some of the best malware hunters out there. I'm glad to hear that you do use other layers of protection as well, because no one product can catch %100 of the malware out there on any given day. That along with unsafe surfing habits and filesharing is one of the main reasons so many get infected with this junk. They think they're protected because Norton or McAfee says they are, but often they are mistaken and end up seeking out help and wondering what went wrong.

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