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Computer Freeze

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Been having trouble with my computer Freezing-Up at idle or while using a program. The computer becomes none responsive with the mouse pointer froozen. The problem seems to have appeared about the time I installed a WD Sharespace External 8 TB Harddrive. But I've removed it and software and the problem continues to reappear.

I have a habit of downloading movies from Extratorrent website as a paid member.

I use Malwarebytes and Norton 360 to defend my computer (paid ver) currently uninstalled.

Using now Windows firewall and Defender...

I've read what I could find on the subject updated drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled programs, check temps when problem appears, ran PCtools Performance Center and Nortons to fix errors, Nothing seems to find the problem.

Recently Comcast sent me this:

Dear Comcast Customer,

The Constant Guard

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I'm taking comcast warning a little more serious and started looking for software or ... that would allow someone into my computer. Removed some software and toolbars but that did not reslove the computer lock up. So I took one more look at WDSHARESPACE NETWORK HARDDRIVE.

I had forgotten that I signed up for MIONET and it has been running the whole time even tho it was not in my startup menu or system control panel for software that can be uninstalled...

Logging onto the hard drive I just disabled MIONET comcast was right about remote access since that is what MIONET is for.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that was or is the problem. I'll post back in about 24 hours or sooner if it freezes up again.

These 64 bit operating systems seem to give programers problems which I do not understand. Didn't we start off with 8bit computers than 16 than 32 and now 64 bit

Maybe this is why internet is using v4 instead of v6 and my programs like Roboform will not work on the 64 bit ver of Windows Explorer... What are they gonna do when we double the bit rate again pull their hair out?

If I cannot resloved this issue with-in the next 30 days I'm going to erase everything from the drives and sell it for paper weight :)

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?yes SIR

MIOnet was not the problem. Ther was a lot of up dates for Vista 64 bit yesterday too.

But nothing has resloved the issue.

I don't think it's a hardware issue no flicking screen or weird stuff that points to eletronics problem. I can be moving my mouse pointer and it will just lock-up. I can do a reboot without touching the machine and it will lock-up

I've been playing with home computers since they came out and have never ran into this problem.

Their's gotta be a setting somewhere that's causing it to loc-up, I guess. I don't know I'vr removed and reinstalled almost every program I'm going to look hard at system conflict issues next maybe i can spot something with my layman knowledge

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  • Staff


Please reboot to Safe Mode (tap the F8 key just before Windows starts to load and select the Safe Mode option from the menu).

See if the issue persists there.

Reboot back into Normal Mode.

Next, please run the PCPitstop Full Tests here. When the tests are complete, a results page will pop up. Copy and paste the URL of the Results screen and post it here for me.

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When using McAfee to check for a virus it will finish if i remove the external hard drives. by default it wants to check sd card drive and everything else. Set it to the main ones c and d

I was going to remove the software for the external drive WDsharespace but it is not listed under vista uninstall or Clense Uninstall another program.

I'll look for an uninstall for the software unplugging them computer still freezes

Whatever this is it appears to be a new problem few if any are aware of

I've almost came to the point of earseing all and starting over. But, I affraid I'll recreate the problem again and will not still know how to reslove it

So is there no freezing at all when the external hard drives are removed?

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Things are really messed up now from all the changes msconfig will not save settings to start normally. Programs are messed up and ... I'll erase and redo the computewr friday and throughout the weekend

Thanks for the assist

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the problem goes not reappear

you can close topic ...

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