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Anti-Virus Selection

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I am considering Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira, and Avast.

3 questions about each:

1) Affect on computer speed/performance?

2) Amount of memory is used?

3) Ease of removal in the event I want to try one of the others later?

Finally, I welcome any other comments that might help me in making this decision.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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Just my .02....

Microsoft Security Essentials I have never used.

I use Avira on this computer. It is very light on resources and works very well. The only downside that I have seen is they have advertising pop-ups occasionally but IMHO it is worth it. Have never uninstalled so I can't answer that for you.

Avast I use on my kids computer. Not implying it is for children by any means just that the UI is much more user friendly and attractive and it is good for my daughter to use as I am teaching her how to be more security conscience too. I find it light on resources but not so much as Avira. IMO it works just as well as Avira in finding viruses. I have uninstalled it before and have had not problems in doing so.

From what I have read and have used I do not believe there is a bad program amongst the three that you have asked about.

Hope that helps.

PS-I compliment all my systems with MBAM no matter what. Someday I will splurge and get the paid version for it when I can. :lol:

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I've found MSE to bog down the system. Tried it several times on Vista with all ending the same being slow and scans taking over 8 hours. Last time I tried it screwed everything up. Avast was no better. Locked up the system on startup. Only one I recommend now is Avira as it's light and has good detection. :)

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MSE is okay but doesn't offer a whole lot of protection ATM and hasn't been tested overly well yet. It can bog down but on the plus side, it's legal for small businesses (where a lot of other free AVs are not).

Avira is one of the best and has been for some time. They keep getting better. Solid protection and light on resources. Not so great with customer service though.

Avast is fine and basic. It does a decent job and is only a little heavier than Avira.

I'd go with Avira or Avast (personally AVira).

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