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Malwarebytes skips to 30,000th object before scanning


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Hi there,

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to removing viruses. malware, adware etc if my anti-virus, mcafee, malwarebytes or superantiapyware doesnt pick it up and remove it, clean it up for me.

The problem is that not long after buying my laptop a few months ago I picked up a few trojans, a few at least that were picked up by the software above, poss more. I did my best to clean the system up and make sure that there was nothing else on the computer causing problems but unfortunately there is. I've been doing a college project that requires quite a lot of searching for information, quotes, images etc. Obviously because of this I'm not always sure just how safe some of these sites are, especially the google images that I've been clicking on to download and print out to go with my project.

Yesterday I was searching google images trying to find some good pictures of wild heather plants but when I clicked on them I was being redirected to a site that had nothing to do with this. I thought it was a bit suspicious but stupidly carried on. I then searched for images of wild meadow flowers. At first it seemed ok but when I clicked on one I got redirected to a site called "componentsprotector.com," this was a fake anti-virus scan called "My Computer online scan" It did the fake scan but then a pop-up said my files were being downloaded. Not to sure what to think of this, whether they were or not but either way I knew my computer was infected.

The problem is Mcafee picked up nothing on the scan, Malwarebytes picked up 1 Trojan.FakeAlert. This to go along with the already quarantined Trojans in my registry keys and SUPERantispyware picked up 300 odd tracking cookies. When I tried to re-run Malwarebytes it jumped from the 190th odd object to about 29,000 odd and also took at least twice as long as before. This meant it avoided scanning my registry keys. I've tried a few times since with the same results, it always skips the first 29,000 odd objects. I've got a lot of work to do and I need my laptop, internet to do it. Please could someone advise what best to do. Is Malwarebytes infected. Should I re-install it changing the name and .exe name. Please help or advise!!! FRUSTRATED NOVICE!!!

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