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constantly blocking out going IP access events

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Good Morning!

I posted this in the General Forum, and it was suggested I come here for your review of my logs. I do not have any experience with hijack this, so you will need to coach me a bit. Computer just passed a MB full scan, log attached, thank you!

Several days ago MB starting blocking access to an ip on two of my computers with the paid version of MB on them. It happens frequently while not using the internet. I read on a forum here that avg worked to elimnate it. I tried it worked for a day or two then it started blocking instead. MB logs are attached. Is there any way to stop this from trying to connect all the time. Computer doesn't seem slow, but it must use some of its resources to continually do this. Thank You!






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Good Morning,

I checked my modem info at IPCONFIG /all, and I have ftpdhcpuser not the ftrdhcpuser like the the other poster had. I assume this is just getting me a different ip blocking balloon. Is that correct? I read the link you sent me, sure doesn't speak well for frontier.....or my chances with them.


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if you want to try and remove it on your own by following the directions in that link:

Open up a cmd (Dos) window and type ipconfig.

The IP address shown under gateway is the IP address of your router (e.g.

Type this into the address bar of your web broswer and press enter. This should open up a window for you to log in to your router. The username is almost always admin; you'll have to look up the password.

I'm not sure what would be the outcome of a hard reset, but there is a reset button or reset hole to reset the modem to default.

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Glad we could help. :)

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