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Many wierd things going on my PC!

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When I do a chkdsk it always says : Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access during the bootup screen of Windows XP right where its about to do the scanning....

The Seagate 500 GB SATA harddrive is constantly "spinning' and making little "crank, crank, crank" low level noise in the background.. I could have sworn this never happened on this new PC before... only noticed it in the last month or so... This happens even when nothing else is running, no other processes but barebone XP

Adobe Flash won't delete!

OMG I am so NOT KIDDING! Adobe flash popups asking me to update tonight.. Right after I reboot and login to desktop... So I'm thinking WTF? I KNOW in msconfig I have set to LOAD NOTHING at startup, I know in services.msc I have killed all third party services... etc... Nothing is supposed to start up so how did Flash Macromedia remind me to update???

Then STRANGE SPOOKING THING BE HAPPENING.... When I navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash and try to delete

Flash9f.ocx and FlashUtil9f.exe it won't let me. Cannot delete FlashUtil9f: Access Denied.

I never use Internet Explorer. I made sure Flash/Macromedia wasn't open or running. I checked with taskbar processess, etc..

I next use Delete function of Fileassassin.... guess what? Doesn't work...

I next try to UN-readonly the file using windows and UNLOCK using Fileassassin, guess what? Access Denied on both accounts....

So Then I boot to safe mode with command prompt, guess what? Same old same old...

SO NEXT I use BartPE boot straight to RAM and access NTFS and try to delete the Flash9f.ocx and FlashUtil9f.exe


OMG!!! IS acrobat a backdoor trojan or something??!!! How is this possible? If you take note a few weeks back I had that nasty virus that

I could at least erase all the .dll went using BartPE boot straight to NTFS access!!!!

Can someone explain this bizarro thing?

Is this why I can't chkdsk and my harddrive always spin and spin and spin??? Is adobe EVIL????

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