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Windows freeze on boot with MBAMservice & USB external drive

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Hi computer specialists & PC users. B)

This time I really need all the help you could provide me. :lol:

My computer use Microsoft Windows XP, sp2 home edition on an Intel Pentium 4, 3 Ghz with 1 gig of RAM memory.

All the main program are on c:\ drive inside the main case (internal IDE hard drive).

Everything work fine, until...

I recently update to Malwarebytes version, data base 5615. It work correctly to scan my computer.

But when I plug in an external USB drive from Western Digital, the computer never completely boot.

Here what's happening:

1) I plug the WD external drive.

2) I start the computer, power ON.

3) The BIOS setup work & everything is fine at this step.

4) Then Windows start with a first introduction screen, like always.

5) After that appear a blue screen that said something like: Windows is starting up... (see attachment picture Windows startup.jpg)


6) That was normal before and that screen was replace in a few second by the Windows Welcome Screen where I

could select which user profil I want. (see attachment picture Win XP welcome screen.jpg, this is just a sample pic from internet, not the real one.)


7) For now on, the computer freeze at step 5 and never pass it to step 6. :lol:

8) This problem disappear if the USB drive is not plug in at boot. :)

9) I have try to uninstall Malwarebytes, use the utility mbam-clean.exe, & reinstall everything, twice,

without success. :)

10) I have try delaying mbam with infos from one of the forum post, by adding a delayguistart DWORD value in

the windows registry, without success. :(

11) I have no other antivirus software except Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Internet Security & Microsoft Windows XP

basic Firewal. I have try to close Ad-Aware to see if there is a conflict & I found nothing.

12) In Windows Safe Mode, I disable every Windows Services from MSConfig, test every possibilities, nothing.

No apparent conflict. The problems appear only when MBAMservice is active. Even if he is the only one working. :)

13) I even try to disabled Mbam protection at Windows start without success. If MBAMservice is active, nothing

boot. If he's not, Windows boot normally. :)

14) Everything seem to point a conflict between the USB drive & the MBAMservice. :)

15) Is there some kind of boot scan ?

16) My WD USB disk is a large 2 Terabytes, if Malwarebytes try to scan it a boot, it will never pass that,

since s complete scan of all my disks & partitions take many long hours. I have try that a few time. Nothing

malicious was found by Malwarebytes or Lavasoft Ad-Aware.

At this point, to be able to used my computer, I am forced to disable MBAMservice and I can't used the

Complete Protection. The PRO version don't serve any purpose for me like that. If I can found a solution, I

will have to came back to the simpler Free version, and find something else for complete all the time


Please help me... B)

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My computer use Microsoft Windows XP, sp2 home edition on an Intel Pentium 4, 3 Ghz with 1 gig of RAM memory.

Trying what exile360 has suggested is an excellent idea... Also I would upgrade your windows to SP3, since you are only at SP2. Upgrading to SP3 will greatly improve the performance of your computer. After updaing to SP3 don't forget to do you windows updates. Do all these updates with the USB drive disconnected. Once you have done this, go ahead and power off the computer, plug in your USB external drive and turn it back on see if the problem is gone.

SP3 should be installed due to support (including new security updates) ends July 13, 2010 for SP 2:

As Disscussed HERE

Please post back if you have further questions.

Thank You :)

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Hi Firefox & Exile360, Thanks for the suggestions. :D

1) As you propose, I have try to plug my USB drive in every others USB input on my PC case, (rebooting each

time) but it's change nothing to my Windows freezing boot problem. :)

2) As for Win XP, sp2, I know it's outdate. I recently reformat & reinstall my system for maintenance

following a rought virus & malware attack. :)

I am actually in update process, but I have just a few minutes by day, to check that.

When I connect my PC to Microsoft Windows Update, I got a lot, but really a lot of update to do.

Do I really have to do all of them, or if I can just run the SP3 update. Some people told me that it already

contain all the previously release update, made before it.

If this is true, I could save a lot of time. I already have download the SP3 .iso file. I just have to make a

CD and run it.

On the Microsoft site, there is also and another SP3 file, not .iso, that could possibly run directly form

windows, without need to create a CD. I have downloaded it too. Is it possible to do that ?

What solution method is the best for fats & reliable Windows re-installation & update. I even heard of creating a slipstream Windows Boot CD combining my original disk with SP2 with the SP3 & following update already on it with a software call BBIE with the help of nLite integrator.

Is it possible to really do that ? :)

As you can see, even if I use a PC for many years, I'm no specialist. :)

Any others advices will be gladly welcome. :)

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Wow you got quite a few questions (LOL) lets see if we can get them all answered.

You will be wasting your time to do the updates first and then install SP3. Some of those updates are already included in the SP3 install file. You will however need to run updates after you install SP3, this will install any updates that came out after SP3. I recommend you run the windows updates several times to make sure you get them all installed.

Ironically there are updates for the updates, if you know what I mean.

You can install SP3 from CD by burning that ISO you downloaded.

You can also install it right from the file you downloaded without having to burn the CD. (I usually do it this way).

As for the slipstream, yes there are ways to do that, but I really have not done it myself so I can not give you the instructions, but I know it can be done. I myself have the Cd's for full installs with the Service Packs already on them. I get these from Microsoft Technet since I am a paid subscriber to them.

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Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate your advice. :)

I have now update my Windows to SP3. :)

But still have the same booting problem when my USB external disk is plug in. :lol:

But I have discover something. Using MSConfig & Services.msc, I found that MBAMService was in automatic. I change it to manual.

Wow Now it look like it's working... :) My Windows boot correctly even with the USB disk, but...

1) I would like to understand what's the meaning of Automatic or Manual ?

2) Which one is better & why ?

3) Can I leave it on manual ?

Now for the remaining problem. When I activate full Protection. Everything is fine, until I reboot again. But the next time, Malwarebytes have all by itself desactivate the Protection. :)

4) Why ?

I can reactivate it manually. but it's not practical. :)

Please, give me again some important advice. :)

I still need your help, the problem is not over, yet !!!

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Setting the service to Manual means that it doesn't run at startup until you start it (manually). It needs to be set to Automatic to run at startup. As for the issue with freezing on boot, I'm still not sure, but I would advise you to check the manufacturer of the hard drive's website for any driver or firmware updates that they may have, as that could resolve it.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Just passing to see if something new here. B)

Since last time, everything seem to work. :D But I need to keep MBAMService in manual.

Impossible to leave it to automatic, because the problem reappear immediately. :blink:

Now I must start manually the Protection once my Windows is running. This is very important especially when I go on the WEB ;)

I hope someone will found an explication about that little problem. At Least Mbam is working very well and the Protection in on.

Have fun !!! :)

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