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Portable version???


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I have had good success using SAS's portable version on

difficult machines when I have trouble getting MBAM to run.


It has a .com extension and contains the latest definitions

so no need to go online and update just click and run.

MBAM is still my favorite tool but sometimes you need

more than one tool in your box.

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For those cases where people have malware already on their machine and the malware won't let you run a removal tool (such as MalwareBytes), this is my suggestion.

Search for a program called "rkill" and download it from a known clean machine. Copy it to a USB flash drive and rename it to something totally random. A lot of malware out there will actively kill "rkill" if you try and run it. Once you have ran "rkill" and the malware processes are dead, go ahead and install MalwareBytes and then go to town removing all of the bad things that MalwareBytes finds.

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The rescue ISO's are linux based. They will work as long as the PC is capable of booting.

Just because the MBAM portable isn't available there is no reason not to give advice on using something else.

i have used different apps to clean a computer off line and one was a boot cd version. it was really good. portable versions are necessary.

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LiveCD for Malware and Virus Removal

Here are links to Antivirus vendors that offer free LiveCD or Rescue CD files that are used to boot from for repair if needed.

All of them except Avira are in the ISO image file format. Avira uses an EXE that has built-in CD burning capability.

Avira AntiVir Rescue System

BitDefender LiveCD

Dr Web LiveCD

F-Secure Rescue CD

Kaspersky RescueDisk

For those users that need a FREE utility to properly burn the ISO image


How to write an image file to a disc with ImgBurn

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