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Malwarebytes BUG


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My first post on this forum was: Why does't Malwarebytes fix the bug?

My Paid & registered version of mbam worked, then quit working,

It wouldn't run at all, but instead gave me an error...!

(I don't recall the error number.)

I found a post telling how to fix the problem, and saying that if it was happening again, mbam would check it out.

Then I found another post complaining of the same thing, but no mention of mbam fixing the bug.

On that same post, the instructions were there to fix it, somewhat as follows:

1. uninstall mbam

2. use a special mbam cleaner to get Malwarebytes completely uninstalled & cleaned from my 'puter

3. reinstall mbam, & register keys.

...all the while rebooting the machine between steps.

TeMerc answered my post a few times & said it wasn't an unusual event, but that it was not due to a bug in Malwarebyes.

Instead it was due to other problems... and he enumerated several possible causation things.

Well, following repair instructions, mbam was & is running correctly (as it was before the problem) on that 'puter.

Whether it will continue to run in real time... or stop .. or give me an error,.. is yet to be seen, ...I'm inclined to think it'll be OK...

(but who knows?)

I do think mambam (the paid, registered version) is a very powerful program to protect a computer.

garybear is my neighbor.

I have personally watched as his computer was being attacked repeatedly by Chinese IP based computers.

He usually gets attack attempts of 200 or more, daily..! UP TO OVER 700 within a 24 hour period.

His computer is protected with mbam, and he thinks that mambam is the primary program that's stopping these attacks from being successful... I am of the same opinion, which is why I bought Malware bytes.

I bought multiple licenses because I have multiple computers.

Malwarebytes is currently my 3rd favorite program. My favorite programs are:

Macrium Reflect

Avira anti-vir


Zone Alarm

The last one is not favored by some... Most that want a similar program & don't like Zone Alarm, apparently use OnlineArmor...

I think they are basically very similar programs. but I'm used to ZA and see no reason to change.

wuzww ;)

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