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mbamservice stops

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I have installed Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware on a server and XP workstations.

On the server, the service stops itself (seems it stops when I logout but not sure). I can restart it manually.

The server is a Windows 2003 server with avira and is up to date.

What is the problem ?

Thanks for your help


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  • Root Admin

Hi Daniel,

The FREE Malwarebytes program is designed for home users (which typically do not purchase and run a server). If this is a purchased copy you can contact support for additional support or let us know and we can assist you here if you like. If you feel you are not in violation of the license agreement let me know and we can review it further to see how we can assist you.


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I am running the pro version.

I have activated protection in the sofware and the service stops itself when I logout from the server or doesn't start if I reboot it. It is set in automatic mode. When I start it manually it works and if I lock the session (instead of logout) it doesn't stop.

I have installed it on several Windows XP Workstation and I have not this problem.

And yes, my licences are up to date, I have bought 4 licences to install Malwarebute' on all my PC.

I can't make any test now because I have leave home for 1 month cause of job, but I would be happy to have a idea of what to do.

Thanks for your help


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Hmm, it shouldn't stop until the window station shuts down, that is to say, when the system is shutting down.

But it starts normally when the system starts up? And it also starts normally if you re-start the service yourself?

This will require some debugging, I have never seen this before. When you return I will try to talk you through some diagnostic steps. Thank you!

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