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Does anyone trust cleaning there registry and defragging there registry with Glary Utilities , with its back up of registry feature, reliability and restore point.

Please note defragging the registry is not to be confused with defragging the hard drive and it is generally thought cleaning the registry without derfraging it will have no positive effects in terms of performance! However if one defrags the registry the performance is clearly visible and can shrink a registry from 80 Mega bytes to 998 kilobytes!

P.S. I heard Ccleaner is a preferred method to clean the registry, while Glary Utilities is preferred method to defrag the registry!

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  • Root Admin

Please search the board as this topic has come up many times and we don't need a repeat over and over of this same subject.

A few recommended articles to read on registry cleaners:

  1. An often posted and quoted article, Ed Bott's Why I don't use registry cleaners
  2. Older article quoting two MVPS's, but relevant still is Do I need a Registry Cleaner?
  3. AUMHA Forum Discussion: Should I Use a Registry Cleaner?


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Guest garybear


If your going to use any registry cleaner, you better know what your doing.

Make sure you have your OS backed up or at the very least use freeware ERUNT.

I have never had a problem using the registry cleaner in CCleaner and I have used it for a long time.

I'm not sure it really does all that much good. I just like to know my PC is free of clutter

I always keep a full back up image of my OS just in case I make a big mistake that I can't fix.

I use Macrium Reflect. It's freeware and does a good job for me!!

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