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Vista Sidebar?


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Thought it was legit, feel free to correct me if wrong.

Registry Values Infected:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\vista sidebar (Backdoor.Bot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

Files Infected:

C:\Program Files\Vista Sidebar\sidebar.exe (Backdoor.Bot) -> Delete on reboot.

Unless it was replaced with a bad sidebar.exe, of which there are a few...

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  • Staff

I think we would be getting hammered if this was a FP , I could see 1 post every 15 minutes if this were the case .

If you can get me a copy of that file and/or a scan a vista box with the legit version .

Marcin uses Vista on his work box , I will double check with him as well .

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  • Staff


I get nothing for that hit , looks fake .

Another thought , could the user have modified either their log or their run key ?

MBAM is used thousands of times a day in the HJT forums , if this were a direct FP there would be more than just your malwarebytes report indexed by google .

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"Vista Visual Pack 7.0" is installed, which would be where I think it would come from if it was legit. This isn't a Vista machine, these are I think add-ons for XP to make it Visually more like Vista.

Same entries in these logs (to name a few):






MBAM hasn't been run in any of those though.

I'll grab you a copy. I know they should be in this folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Quarantine

What is the file naming convention for Quarantined files?

Thanks Bruce.

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