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Need Help Formatting An External Harddrive

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oh also i dont have another computer so once i go into the boot menu, i assume i eventually come back to my OS so i can come back to firefox and speak with you??

Also i am rebooting again because i forgot to ask you which option i choose once i am in the F21 boot menu. Is it the one that says IDE CD ROM or something like that which then takes me to the option to run live cd?

Oh and if you had hoped i would be n another computer while i was in the boot menu etc, i will not be so do i need further instructions from you first before i go back to the boot menu?

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That is weird. Showed your name for several minutes. Forum glitch I guess. Firefox is in Ubuntu. Just look at the top of the screen and you can't miss it. :)

Crap! Sorry sorry. You'll need to burn it with nero. Xp doesn't support booting from a flash drive. I completely forgot. Sorry!

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nope no ubuntu link showing up anywhere on my firefox page :)

ok so i need to burn ubuntu to a disc right now? Do i need to redownload it then?

P.S. - you sure i cant do it in XP? it is showing my USB drive now as the Ubuntu symbol and it says: Install Ubuntu (H:)

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No I meant run firefox after you boot the disc(comes with ubuntu and you'll run with the disc)or am I misunderstanding?

Hmm I guess they must have improved it. Swore booting from usb wouldn't work on xp. Try that. If it starts asking you a bunch of questions cancel or force a shut down. Bit worried it says Install Ubuntu.

Use ether run ubuntu from usb or live cd option.

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hmm i wont take the risk then installing from USB. I only have DVD's to burn with right now, that be ok?? i assume i would then burn the file onto it as DVD image? Will that be the same as a cd image? i assume it will be?

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ok burning now again. And once i reboot and boot from cd, i will then get a chance to come back onto my OS and then open firefox and continue to talk on the forums while i run throguh the process?, or it will run through firefox you meant?

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I see there's been quite a bit of back-and-forth going on in this thread since I left.

Buttons: is Ubuntu really necessary to format a HDD into FAT32? I'm quite sure that it can be done in Windows XP, via the My Computer context menu for the device.

Right-click --> Format --> then select FAT32. It works on the simple principle as a USB pen drive, I'm sure.

And also, you said that in XP you cannot boot from USB. You are booting from the BIOS, and booting from USB, so the hard drive and the OS installed on it does not come into the equation.

And a good program for installing Linux distros onto USB devices is UNetbootin - http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/.

I have personally used it a number of times without incident. It saves using a disc, and provided your BIOS allows you to boot from USB, it is great for getting the job done.

SOCIOPATH: What is it that you are stuck with at the moment? Perhaps I can help. Buttons was very good to have helped you for so long last night (I would have stayed longer, but it was past 3 am when I logged off), but since I'm not doing anything I will be more than happy to talk you through the process.

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