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Start Protection Error

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Hi, I'm having trouble with the software. It seems that when I click on "Start Protection" button it gives me an error saying "[OpenEvent] Failed to perform desired action. Error Code: 2" and It also doesn't seem to automatically check for updates. I've been getting this error since version 1.29 and I just kinda waited for 1.30 to be realeased hoping it would be fixed by then but now I have updated to version 1.30 and I'm still getting the error. Please help me out. ;)

BTW, I'm using Windows XP Professional version 2002 SP 2

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  • Root Admin

Hi, sorry about the delay.

Well not sure what's going on in your case as you appear to have something else going on. I'm going to assume it's not Malware and have you run these routines to see if I can track down anything. IF it does turn out to be some type of Malware then I'll have you post in the proper forum for assistance with the removal.


All of the following instructions must be run on the affected computer. Logs from a different computer will not help me help you. So, if you need to download all of this and then copy it to CD or memory stick and take it to the other computer, please do so. Either way, it's important. The logs have to be made by the computer with the problem.

I need you to follow the instructions provided here
Pre- HJT Post Instructions
first the best you can since MBAM won't install

I also need for you to download this program
to your desktop.
  • Close all applications and windows so that you have nothing open and are at your Desktop

  • Double-click on the OTListIt.exe file to start OTListIt. OK any warning about running OTListIt.

  • Place a checkmark in the
    "Scan All Users"
    checkbox (Leave the 'Use Whitelist' checked' and the 'File Age:' at 30 days)

  • Click the Run Scan button

  • NOTE:
    Please be patient and let the scan run without using the computer

  • When the scan is complete, a text file (
    ) will open in Notepad (if not, it can be found on your Desktop)

  • In Notepad, click
    Select all

  • Reply to this topic, click in the topic reply window, and press Ctrl+V to paste the log or Righ click paste.

  • Submit your reply and close the Notepad window with

  • Also OTListIt's
    log file will be minimized in the Taskbar (and located on your Desktop) - click on this and maximize the window

  • In Notepad, click
    Select all

  • Reply to this topic again, click in the topic reply window, and press Ctrl+V to paste the extras log or Right click paste.

  • NOTE:
    If the files (
    OTListIt.txt, Extras.txt
    ) do not appear in your taskbar, just open the files in notepad from your desktop.

Please allow me time to analyze your post. If you don't see a reply from me after 24 hours, feel free to PM me.

Please download the following scanning tool. GMER

  • Open the zip file and copy the file
    to your Desktop.
  • Double click on
    and run it.

  • It may take a minute to load and become available.

  • Do not make any changes. Click on the
    button and DO NOT use the computer while it's scanning.

  • Once the scan is done click on the
    button and browse to your Desktop and save the file as

  • Zip up the
    file and save it as
    and attach it to your reply post.

  • DO NOT
    directly post this log into a reply. You
    attach it as a .ZIP file.

  • Click OK and quit the GMER program.

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