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Slow Windows Startup

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I am having an issue with MBAM Pro and Mcafee conflicting at Windows startup. I unchecked the box in MBAM to keep it from starting up with windows. I'm setting this up on my parents PC and really don't want them to have to manually start the "real-time" protection every time they restart windows.

I saw some info on another forum talking about a registry tweak that you could use to delay the automatic startup of the "real-time" protection until after Mcafee has done its startup. They claimed that the MBAM publishers could supply me with this tweak.

I guess my first question is, does this registry tweak actually exist? And my next question would be, is this the ideal solution for my problem, and if not, what is the best course of action?

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Hi, houtxlk:

In addition to Friefox and Haider's suggestions...

I don't know your OS, but I think that MBAM protection module doesn't actually load *immediately* at Windows startup in Vista and 7 (even when that function is enabled), in order to minimize conflicts with AVs and other processes that are loading.

IOW, it's actually delayed a bit for just that reason.

In XP, I don't recall if that is the case, or not.

Also, have you checked msconfig to see if the computer has a lot of other unnecessary processes configured to load at startup that could be removed from the list to speed boot ups?

And does the computer have enough RAM?

EDIT: Sorry - wasn't caffeinated -- McAfee is also a bit of a resource hog. :P

If you don't wish to edit the registry to further delay MBAM protection module startup, then you might wish to try Winpatrol: Available Here (BillP studios; there is a free version, which should be all you need). It is very user friendly.

It has a "delayed start" option that allows one to select any programs one wishes to load after a customizable delay period upon Windows startup.

Of course, the sooner MBAM protection module loads, the safer the system will be. :huh:



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The current McAfee consumer products have been dumbed down to the point that they can hardly be configured in any meaningful way (e.g. to allow proper function of MBAM or other third-party software, even NON-security-related).

I had no issues with MBAM & the Dell "2009" versions of the McAfee SC that were OEM on my desktop (it is a very robust system).

The update to the 2010 versions back in Aug 2010, however, completely hosed my system -- requiring a restoration to the factory image.

McAfee was NO help in resolving THEIR defective software issue.

As a result, the first thing I did after installing Windows updates was to permanently remove all traces of McAfee & install a more robust, configurable, reliable IS suite.

It performs beautifully with MBAM PRO.

And, I am living happily ever after.

So, I think you can surmise what my recommendation would be....



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^ Has nothing to do with what I mentioned, though.

Sure it might --

If you cannot configure your AV to run alongside MBAM without conflicts (because the AV software doesn't permit such configuration for the end user), then it well might.

Moreover, if McAfee's resource consumption at startup is so high that it causes other programs to load/run poorly or not at all (or causes the OS to hang), then it well might.

If you combine lack of configurability with high resource consumption, then I could easily see how McAfee could be causing a problem when MBAM tries to load (but I am not an engineer).

My original intent was to give the OP a suggestion about how to delay MBAM protection module startup.

Your post mentioning McAfee caught my eye, and I was just trying to provide some information based on my own experiences.

If you do not find it helpful, then please feel free to disregard it.

Anyway, this is really the OP's thread -- you may well be experiencing a different problem, in which case it might be advisable to start a separate thread.

Best regards,


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EDIT: Sorry - wasn't caffeinated -- McAfee is also a bit of a resource hog. :huh:

Sorry for the confusion -- yes, I mistakenly typed Norton initially (before morning coffee) & then realized he/she had said it was McAfee.

So I edited my post.

Our posts may have crossed in cyberspace.

(That said, it was/is true that older versions of Norton were/are resource hogs. I haven't used their products for several years, but I am told the new versions are better.)

Hopefully the OP has resolved the startup issues on his parents' system.

(You might also want to try winpatrol to see if it helps with MCAFEE and MBAM?)

Sorry for any misunderstanding,


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Hello houtxlk: :)

Please provide following details, someone will help you:

  1. OS version including 32/64-bit
  2. McAfee version
  3. Any other installed Security Product(s) including Firewall

Please post back using MXyBj.png button

Thanks for your response.

The PC in question is running Windows XP 32-bit

It has McAfee Internet Security installed with firewall and Anti Spam

Hope this info will help.

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