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I just want to post my feedback after testing the PRO version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for few days . I am really pleased by what I see re. the paid products version . MBAM has always been excellent malware fighters' helper but I have never tried the paid version so far . It doesn't at all slow down the computer , scans just on-access and what I most like is that in Windows 7 its services starts as Automatic (Delayed) .

I am testing on Windows 7 with SP1 RTM.

We plan to become resellers and I am waiting for their response. What only worries me is the speed of their response (very slow ones) and I sincerely hope that won't become business problem.

Anyway , great product ! Good luck , everyone!

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You guys are really really perfect !!! I really must add and congratulate everybody who works in Malwarebytes .

You really should open paid courses for virus/malware analysts and educate people from other AV vendors :D

I knew you were very good but not that good .

As I have posted I am actively testing MBAM against malware . What amazes me is the update frequency and that fact that you are always one step ahead - one step in from of new malware and one step in front of other AV vendors. There days I get new samples ( so called zero day malware) and you are always picking them up . The heuristic analyzer is very good , too .

There samples submutted on VT are barely detected by no more 5 AVs and you . Today I was shocked - I got a samples that only AVIRA and SuperAntiSpyware detected on Virus Total , and MBAM detected it too. I was hoping that Norton and Kaspersky which I also tested against this sample will pick it up with behavior analysis but no - they both let the sample go and infect the machine.

You are real good ! Please , keep up the good work !!! :D Excellent job !

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Pleased to be of help,

If you have any more issues please feel free to create a new topic.

Thank you very much

No , I don't have any technical issues with the software - it is just perfect . One single word explains it - perfect. Light , fast and very very effective cleaner and protector.

You should really consider making more cash from this excellent product you have !!! At least more advertising ! That's it - the product is excellent

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