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Unbootable machine - please help


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On attempts to boot up the machine in question it seems to run all the checks properly, and begins to load Windows XP Home. The loading bar under the XP logo gets exactly one square filled, then flickers to a BSoD, then immanently kicks into a reboot with "Windows failed to load properly: Safe Mode / With Networking / Last Known Good / Start Normally" menu.

Attempts to boot into Safe Mode produce the same results.

I have attempted to run the Recovery Console, and have completed a full chkdsk c: /f This found and repaired 'one or more' errors, but has not improved the booting situation any.

There are files on this computer which I would prefer to not be lost if avoidable. I do have a Windows XP Home install CD available.

The next step I can think of is to use the XP install CD to repair the Windows installation. However, I'm hesitant to jump ahead with that, not knowing if I will be risking saved files, or if there are any steps I should attempt before the repair.

What should my next step be?

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Hello Tarelgeth

See if this Tutorial will help you

How to perform a Repair Install of Windows XP

Step 6: After the Repair Install

Once the repair install is finished, you may need to reinstall drivers and some applications if they do not work correctly. Make sure to check and see if your files are all still there (the repair install is not supposed to touch them, so there shouldn't be any problems).

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Problem arises.

Apparently what I have is a Windows XP Home -upgrade- disk. I assume that that is what is causing this problem. When I go to the "Set up Windows" option, it tells me:

"Setup cannot find a previous version of Windows installed on your computer. To continue, Setup needs to verify that you qualify to use this upgrade product. Please insert your [list of other Windows versions] CD into your drive."

I do not have any copies of earlier Windows disks available. I do have a Windows 7 Professional disk available, but I doubt that will help, and that licence is being used on a working computer.

Is there a legitimate way around this, or am I looking at purchasing another copy of Windows?

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Still need help, please.

Hi Tarelgeth, Very funny that I too had the exact same problem last week, (Is Ms slowly "killing" old versions of XP?).

I tried all the things you did and more without any luck. I decided to install Windows 7 (Family Pack 3 Licenses) and was able to backup all my files by removing the HDD and connecting it to my desktop using a USB IDE/Sata connector. Again lucky for me I had a spare Full Windows XP CD and was able to upgrade to Win 7. What surprised me was that Win 7 installed most of the drivers for my laptop during Windows Update. My laptop over the last 4 days is "flying" quicker than it ever did!

My advice would be to ask a friend or colleagues if they have an old Full XP CD. Hope it works out for you.

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