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mbam-setup infected...

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Hello !

I did a general update of my computer, and when passing from malwarebytes 1.28 to 1.30 (through official website), spybot detected Bifrose.gen inside mbam-setup.exe file ... Spybot S&D blocked the process, but what i should do now ?

Thanks (if there is french speakers, they are welcome to explain me !!! ;) )

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According to SpyBot staff they're unable to duplicate this, so they're guessing that you may have outdated detection rules.

However, to make sure they're also going to check whether there might have been any rules that could have falsely detected the MBAM setup file.

Hello !

When spybot detected mbam-setup.exe, it's because spybot was running to make a complete analyze of the computer... when i do a complete analyze, i do let spybot see hidden files (and so application data files, where is mbam-setup.exe) and system files ... I did in same time the upgrade of malwarebytes, and so you know what it happens next. TeaTimer was able to watch hidden files too i suppose (compared to previous times) ! Most of time, i do firstly all updates, and only next analyzes, this time i launched spybot before having finished ;)

I did say to spybot to warning me if it happens again and didn't delete the "associated file" ... But the problem is : now that application data files are again hidden, TeaTimer will surely not react if it's really a trojan ! And i can't navigate on internet with all files of my computer open ! ;)

Since yesterday, I do watch closely if i have TCP/UDP ports open, for now they are all closed or hidden, but i turn a bit paranoid ;)

I want to add that i did many analyzes inside mbam-setup.exe file, with AVG, kaspersky, Antivir but also mbam and spybot themselves, and they detected nothing inside... weird !!! So yes, a false-positive is highly possible, but i do know that trojan can wake up from nowhere without us to know they were on the harddisk, so would be good if one staff would be able to duplicate what i did ;)

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