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Malwarebytes Partners with Support.com

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Malwarebytes Partners with Support.com

It is my great pleasure to announce that Malwarebytes has teamed up with Support.com to offer premium support services to our free users as well as to our customers. Our new premium services will not be limited to malware removal -- we will offer comprehensive packages that will suit your everyday computing needs. Click the link below to review the various plans we have to offer.

Please note, Malwarebytes will continue to offer free support to our users via the forum and our specialized support desk. This is an offering to those users who prefer or want paid telephone support. We've had many customers ask for this, and we heard you loud and clear!

Click here to check out our new support offerings >>

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Lol - relax. I was making a joke about it.

If you talk to me on the phone you'd never know I was of Indian origin. Heck, I do a great Southern drawl if you want me to....

While I understand well and good the frustration of trying to communicate with users who are sticklers about going by their play-by-play script with a poor command of the English language, I do get slightly miffed when people try to blame the operators at the other end of the phone instead of blaming their favorite company instead.

You, obviously, are not doing that, as your post says, so we'll just let it go a ta joke, K?

TBH, It'd be awesome if I were able to start an interpreter company to interpret what they are saying for normal American folks. After all, I've lived with hearing that accent for 39+ years now from my folks - my father has a Ph. D. and my mom has a bit of college under her belt - so I understand them more readily than most....

However, there are times when even I get lost in trying to follow them.

My solution? I just say: "please elevate me to the next level - I've already done more than you can try to help me do."

Had one guy try to keep me on the phone with him, and I listed the 19 steps I had performed in trying to troubleshoot my issue with a router- I then said "And the last three steps are not even in your script - so I'm obviously past what you can do to help."

2 minute later I had an "engineer" on the phone (perhaps not, but he definitely knew more than that guy did, and he helped me solve my problem, so...) :)

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Guest garybear


Thank you sir!!

I have a great plan and I hope I'm not sounding like a know it all.

I have 8 back up images of my OS on a external USB.

About the only thing that scares me is a power supply or mother board failure.

The new plan will be great for those that fail to listen when told to make a back up regularly.

Thank you sir for MBAM and for supporting me. Thank you for your PM.

I love my MBAM, which gets better every day.

I'm a fanatic about backing up your OS and I use every opportunity to tell people to BACK UP BACK UP BACH UP

MBAM is the no1 down load and I want it to be even better.

Thank you MBAM!!

If this is out of line ,just delete and I will understand, I promise!

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I really think this would be a welcomed option for the computer user who can't or doesn't want to wait for forum help.

We can't always be online at the same time with the OP we're helping.

Over the years of helping on tthe forums, there has been many times the OP has asked for phone support because they needed to have their computer working yesterday.

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Guest garybear
Over the years of helping on tthe forums, there has been many times the OP has asked for phone support because they needed to have their computer working yesterday.

I think this is a good idea, but it looks a little pricey to me.

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but if someone needed their computer yesterday, they should have had it backed up.

If they had backed their OS up, they could have been up and running in less than an hour, barring a power supply or mother board problem. If your computer is your living and that important to you, then back it up.

Having said all that, You guys are doing a great job helping people on the forum and you are appreciated.

I have dealt with phone service help before I found places like this forum.

They read from a script and are very hard to understand. They aren't even close to having the knowledge that you have my friend.

I hope this is taken as constructive and not negative. It is MHO that the money spent on this type of help would be better spent on a external USB to store your back up images.

I love my MBAM and I think you are doing a great job MR. President

I think you started this thread to see what responses you would get. This is my 2 cents. That's about all it's worth.

There sure isn't any harm in offering this service to our members!

I guess I already posted this before. Sorry for ranting. I'll get off my stump now.


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Guest garybear

Hello Sir!!

This will be my final reply to your topic.

You are the President, and the decision is yours to make. I think this could be a great asset to MBAM.

You have plenty of money and I'm doing Ok myself.

I'm just asking you to never let this forum be replaced by a phone service.

I have used them in the past, and I just don't see how they could ever replace what we have here. I love my MBAM, and I hope I can always be a asset to this community.

Please never ban me. Just Pm me and I'll shape up. I promise!!

Snoopy and I love MBAM and we fought for you, and it was the right thing to do.

I have no regrets!!


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Does this mean Malwarebytes Employees will be doing the assisting or will Support.Com people be doing it? Sorry but I am a bit confused. I am guessing Support.Com is just a host for this type of stuff and you guys will be providing the support, but I'm not sure...
No, Malwarebytes' Consumer tech support is not involved on any level with support.com

Everything is done by their tech team

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