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Cookies not being found by SAS


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In conjuction with MBAM I have SUPERAntiSpyware Free and CCleaner installed as my on demand scanners. The last few times I have run it SAS has not found any tracking cookies. CCleaner at last run found quite a lot of cookies so I know SAS should be finding them. I know I can use CCleaner to clean cookies but I prefer to use SAS as it is easier to see what is what and save the few I may want to keep.

Why has SAS stopped finding tracking cookies? I posted on the SAS forum but it is nowhere near as good as this one and I know many MBAM users also use SAS. Whenever a program isn't working correct I get concerned.

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Hello bru

Could it be, that the cookie scan box is unchecked.

Open SAS > Click Preferences > Scanning Control > is the Scan for tracking cookies box checked


Nope it is definitely checked. This is a one month old computer and the first three times I ran SAS it found tracking cookies. The last several times nothing :blink: .

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Everything is up to date. I ran a QS for the second time today. Still no tracking cookies found. Any other thoughts? Or do I assume it's a problem with my program, which is barely a month old on a new machine. I remember Ad-Aware which I had on my old system did this but it was a glitch that many were experiencing and it was eventually fixed with an update. I have not added an uninstall program like Revo which I had on my old system. I hate to uninstall using control panel since even with the reinstall you end up with orphaned files. I'm trying not to clutter up a new machine so soon. But if that's the only option...

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Interesting development.

I ran a Full Scan and lo and behold it found 106 tracking cookies. I did not delete them and immediately ran a Quick Scan and it found 1 tracking cookie (it had not found any in several previous Quick Scans). I deleted that one and then reran the Full Scan and it found 105 tracking cookies. I believe all of them were in the App Data\Cookies folder. Does the Quick Scan not scan this folder? I thought it did. The 105 tracking cookies appeared to be the same ones the Quick Scan used to find and also interestingly it asked me to reboot to complete the cleaning process. I don't think any of the other "working" Quick Scans ever required a reboot and the Quick Scan I did just before the Full Scan where it found 1 tracking cookie did not require a reboot.

So here's my summary of the situation. Quick Scan is not finding tracking cookies but a Full Scan is finding them in the App Data folder. The program used to find tracking cookies during a Quick Scan but now appears to only find them when doing a deeper Full Scan.

I suppose I could run a Full Scan but I still am stuck with the question as to why SAS used to find tracking cookies during a Quick Scan and now it doesn't.

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