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Virus/malware ... I don't really know what it is.

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Ok so first of all I would like to say sorry for any mispelled word because I amposting this from my iPod. Ok so well my prob is that every time that I format my hard drive some how this virus comes back and it does many things ...first I knoticed it corrupts / simulates chkdsk so it comes up ever Tim I start the comp and when I let check disk do it's thing I can't get into the comp and it always freezes while verifing and it dumps and recovers MANY Files and then I decided ibwould run chkdsk on stRt up next time Nd chkdsk came up sobi canceled it and another chkdsk came up RiGHT after that and when I format Nd reinstal windows 7 it Will come back and more symptoms are : it will like mess up explored.exe and onother time every time I open any folder is says windows explored has stopedbworking and it does that with Internet explorer and i only get like 5 min of Internet and then it says connected but nobars then I disconnect and tryvto reconnect and it says unable to reconnect and it disables windows firewall then I try to re enable it and it takes me to the system32 folder.

Any help would be greatly apriciated :blink:

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@dunmer2007 please do not post in some one else's thread.

@Deadpuck It depends what kind of drive is it?

Typically if the drive is showing signs of failing the only sure way to fix it is ti replace the drive.

Sometimes diagnostic tests can fix some sectors for a while but the problem will return eventually.

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Ok so I just got a new hard drove and some simptoms persist I am having Internet probloms again it was running fine then it was like no Internet acses so I disconected and re conected and it had a prob and sayd diagnossing probloms and then it said fixed and I go to network and sharing center and it doesn't show the wifi thing any more

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Internet issues are separate from hard drive issues.

The check disk did not start up again did it?

You may have a network card issue or a faulty cable or intermittent issues with your isp.

Try to reboot the modem you have.

To do this just power it down then back on again.

See then if the issue persists.

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Ok so guy's i got a new hardrive same rpm's but more space and now after a whil on the computer playing games it just shuts off with out any warrning its shots of as if i clicked the power button and held it for like 10 sec so i added a pictrue of speed fan running on my comp plz help!!!!!!!!!

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ok so i just ran MemTest and here are the stats

this is the stuff on the bottem:

Time: 0:24:32

Cached: 4095 M

Test_Sel: STD

Pass: 1

MemMap: e820

Iter: (This changed alot) 2 Then 1 Then 15 Then 30 Then 1 Then 8 Then 1

CPUSell: Single

Errors: 0

dsvd_mem: 200k

act_cpus: 1

ecc_mem: off

ecc err: 0

Now the stuff on the top left

Intel core 2 2400 MHz

L1 Cache: 32k 33803 mb/s

L2 Cache: 4096k 15686 mbs/s

L3 Cache: None

Memory: 4095 M 2131 mb/s

ChipSet: (nothing here)

and some of the stuff that didnt change on the top left corner

Testing: (Various Numbers)-(Various Numbers) 4095 M Using CPU: 0

And that is all that i recorded tell me if this helps.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps. (Mainly saying thx to Kahdah in advance) :P

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