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Need serious help!!


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I have Windows Vista, and under the turn off option, it said windows needed to update.

So I clicked on the option to turn off, and it said

"Do not un plug or turn your computer off,

Installing updates 1 of 1 (..) (..)

So I turned the computer back on after it turned off, and it did all the interface and things,

then it said preparing your desktop, and deleted some of my files, so i clicked on system restore, and it failed because it was already running,

then i restarted and my system was working again, but now my task manager is messing up, saying 100 percent then 0, and won't let me open it.

the preparing your desktop thing and deleting my files happened last week on boxing day, but I system restored and it seem to have worked since then..

Really need help..

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OK, after getting continuous 100% on task manager, I got rid of Windows Defender (disabled) and it's seems to be going faster...

Also, it told me it done a definition update, and says I need to restart my system, but im scared to do so incase it kills my computer, again..

thank you.

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is it still happening or is your system stable now?

After the task manager just going up and down from 0% to 100% i did a system restore to this morning..

But it's telling me the shut down button has an update on it, and im scared if i update it like i did earlier, it will take all the files again..

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do you know what update did vista try to install?

Windows Silverlight, but apparently after system restoring, it wants me to update it again,

funny thing was, I never told it to update.. :|

When I update my computer it usually says update 1 of 1: 40%, 70%, 100%

shutting down computer..

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