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Buying MalwareBytes - Questions

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Hello fellow MalwareBytes users ^-^ ,

I have some extra money I got from Christmas from a few of my relatives, I was thinking, why not put the money to good use by getting the Pro version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Before I buy it, I have a few questions to ask.

1. Will MalwareBytes interfere with Norton 360? or any other Norton series? (I already own the disc, and the 2011 version).

2. In the future, will MalwareBytes interfere with other Anti-virus programs such as Kaspersky or Nod32? (thinking of purchasing those anti-viruses).

3. If I do buy MalwareBytes, how many PC's can I use it on?

4. If MalwareBytes upgrades to a higher version, do I have to re-buy it again?


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  • Root Admin

#1 = File exclusions may need to be setup for it but it works just fine


#2 = See other links in the same thread

#3 = 1 PC per license

#4 = No, for consumer, home users the product is currently a lifetime license

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Questions , 2 and 3 Answered, skip my last 3 posts , i was wondering how to delete them, anyway:

1 . I can't find MBAM.sys

4 . How many times can the CD be used?

Thanks, after I get these answered , I'll definitely look into buying MalwareBytes and join the club.

I'll add into that: 4 . If I buy the CD , does it come with the registered version of MalwareBytes when I install it? or do I put in the disc, go to the internet or my email and get my code?

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  • Root Admin

You don't need to buy the CD. That is only for backup but it's really not needed as you can always download the program from any one of the main sites that host it.

Just keep the email and print out the ID/Key and you can use it in the future if you do format your drive with no problem.


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  • Root Admin

Reconfigure Windows XP to show hidden files:

To enable the viewing of Hidden files follow these steps:

* Close all programs so that you are at your desktop.

* Double-click on the My Computer icon.

* Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.

* After the new window appears select the View tab.

* Put a checkmark in the checkbox labeled Display the contents of system folders.

* Under the Hidden files and folders section select the radio button labeled Show hidden files and folders.

* Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled Hide file extensions for known file types.

* Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled Hide protected operating system files.

* Press the Apply button and then the OK button and exit My Computer.

* Now your computer is configured to show all hidden files.

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