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Start Up Problem

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I'm new to MBAM. Just changed several of my security apps and now have Eset SS, Threatfire and MBAM 1.30 paid version on XP Pro SP2.

Everything worked fine together until the first shutdown and restart. Halfway through the boot my system froze just as a few items got loaded in the tray, not Eset, but just as MBAM icon appeared. None of the desktop items got loaded. Had to perform a brutal turn off, restart in safe mode and uncheck MBAM from Start Manager to regain control. Now I am having to manually start MBAM every day to avoid the problem. I notice a few similar posts. Is there a conflict, should I reinstall.......... Would appreciate any advise.



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Hi JohnD and welcome to Malwarebytes. What is SS? Are you running all the scanners as active? That might be locking up the system and MBAM. Have you tried a reinstall or updating the program?

Thanks for the reply. That would be Eset Smart Security. I have tried to start up with Threatfire and Eset disabled but no success - just as MBAM gets loaded in the tray the start up freezes. Mind you, I am not sure the firewall part of ESS gets disabled - I cannot see how to do it or if you can. Everything works fine if I start MBAM manually. There are no conflicts and updates + scans work with no problems. Any thoughts?

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I have not solved this issue. Whilst being curious I noticed, vis-a-vis a successful boot, that in Event Viewer, at System, that the boot up seems to freeze at a point between Remote Access Connection Manager service being started and the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service getting a call. But I don't know if that is significant - does anyone else?

Have now updated to XP Pro SP3.

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